Rumor: T-Mobile, Samsung to Launch Vibrant 4G on Feb. 23


Another rumor to get us through the day regarding Samsung, T-Mobile, and the Vibrant 4G: the release day may be February 23rd. This is based on a release roadmap sent to TmoNews by who we assume could be a trusted tipster. Other devices on the list include the Samsung Sienna and the Motorola CLIQ 2. So there you have it. We all know what I’m going to wonder next, though: is it safe to say that the original Samsung Vibrant will get Android 2.2 at the end of February? I kid, I kid. [via TmoNews]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. lol @ the “upgrade to android 2.2 – NEW!” makes me laugh each time.

  2. I don’t understand how they come out with new devices with 2.2, and it has the same Touchwiz as the other galaxy S phones. Why aren’t they updated? It’s the same UI. Their excuse as to why is lame. There is no unique w/e they came up with as to why. It’s running the same thing as the original galaxy s phone launched on all US carriers.

  3. I still can’t believe T-mobile and samsung is doing this….

  4. New 2.2? Samsung you bung of incompetent retards!!!! 2.2 has been out for MONTHS! Yet you STILL neglect your ‘Trademark’ Galaxy S(h*t) phones. You guys should be blacklisted from making any type of Android phone as far as I give a crap.

  5. My son has the Vibrant, which I was impressed with so I placed the Galaxy S2 high on the list as my next phone. Unfortunately as I watch the Samsung support or lack of; the Galaxy S2 is dropping lower and lower on my list of possible next phones. By the way, as far as I am concern, these guys can stop wasting time with all these other phones. If it isn’t dual core, with 4G and FFC, I am not interested.

  6. C’Mon everyone should have known this was comeing from samsung and T-Mobile look at the last Samsung FAIL on tmobile with updates. Also look at the Mytouch hardware updates in 2 years a Mytouch, mytouch fender, Mytouch 1.2, Mytouch slide, Mytouch 4G. Ha Ha I could have seen this comeing. T-Mobile G2 is the only way to go.

  7. I have a Galaxy S on at&t (Captivate). I will NEVER buy another Samsung product again because of how terrible their support has been. It’s especially irritating when they continuously launch new devices and completely neglect the ones that have already been released. Crap company, crap phone.

    Don’t let me even get started on my Samsung DLP TV issues.

  8. Loyalty dept, here i come!

  9. after looking at it from a different view, samsung has not lied to us. they did promise to update the galaxy s lineup. they promised a 2.2 upgrade. however, they never told us how they were going to go about the updates. here it is, we can all get our updates… now who ever said it would be free? $500 is a small price to pay to get last year’s version of android. i say we all should go out and buy this phone, then in another six months, we can spend another $500 for the vibrant gingerbread edition… or maybe an extra $100 we can also get the dual core cpu! awesome strategy samsung… you are giving us the updates that we were expecting. and here we had you all wrong.

  10. Seriously ?
    Really ?
    Class action lawsuit against Samsung over the Galaxy S
    debacle makes me wonder who would buy the Vibrant 4G ?

    I’d like to see some hard numbers on the Nexus S sales.
    Wonder if it met any expectations at all.
    I know I returned the NS I bought after 7 disappointing days.

    Samsung will get no more of my business.
    HTC or not at all for me from now on.


  11. Why are they not launching this with 2.3? Good grief.

  12. Why would I buy from a company who hypes, sells, gimps, and then fails to support their main Android line, and THEN markets a version with features they left out the first time around only a few months or weeks later? A smart phone shouldn’t feel like a cheap tv remote in your hand. I think I’m right about that. I’ll wait for something that I can consider a real upgrade from my Nexus One.

  13. @agentzero

    See post #8 that about sums it up LOL!

  14. I know I will NEVER buy anything SamSHAFT again. And to think I was about to drop 3K on one of their new TV’s but not now. I will take my hard earned $$$ to a company that shows more respect for their customers.

  15. SAMSUNG doesn’t like black people!!!!!!

  16. LOL February without 2.3 updated sometime in September if your lucky and no duel core, what’s the point, if you can wait just wait.

  17. It’s Samsung, not the carriers, Chris-or have you not seen Samsung’s statement(s)??

  18. Like Jeff wrote in msg 13, I’ve been looking around for a new TV too. Yesterday I went past the Samsung and bought a Sanyo.

  19. Who cares, it’s Samsung.

  20. I sold my samsung vibrant 2 months ago and now I have a htc g2 which I love. I will never ever buy anything with the name samsung on it again. I was thinking about purchasing the nexus S but because samsung makes it no way. they are on my do not buy list for life.

  21. I have loved the Samsung products(TVs mind you) from the begining BUT…as for the Samsung S Bung phones, I have been extremely dissappointed! If it wasn’t for the peeps at XDA or TEAM WHISKEY, I would have went to the T-MO store that I bought it from and smashed the damn thing with a F’n brick. Screaming loudly “Why, oh why GOD did I buy such a piece of S%*t. Why was I such a fool”. Well now that the NERO v5 ROM has been applied to my phone, I am now at peace and one with the universe. No longer am I that angry man with a crappy phone….now I am the angry man who hates T-MO and Samsung……………………………………bastards

  22. This is what SCRAMSUG should have brought to market in the first place, and if anyone looked at the original Galaxy S e-manual last July when they bought the phone it showed an FFC. FAIL. All the features listed in this phone are last years tech, and no longer relevant in the market. EPIC FAIL. SCRAMSUNG is greedy, and spent to much time and money on the 2.2 build so instead of thowing the pour consumer sucked in to the POS phone they said hey, “Lets stick it to an entire new bunch of suckers. FAIL!!!

    OH! Thank you team whisky.

  23. I’ve heard the lack of froyo on us galaxy s variants may be because your carriers are cheap:

    Regards, aussie galaxy s owner via telstra, thus still waiting on froyo (i blame my carrier, took them 3 months to update the htc desire to froyo after htc released it. And htc was developing it)

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