Jan 14th, 2011

Are you a Popular Science fan? If so, you should go to the Android market right now and download their app. Admittedly, it’s little more than what you’d get if you were to just add them to your RSS reader of choice, but you can sort things by category, videos are playable regardless of your version of Android, and you’d be doing them a favor whenever you load the app up. (A nice ad awaits you each time.) They also have links to other apps in the Zumobi Network, and article sharing features. Just give it a spin for yourself if this is your thing. [via IntoMobile]

[Note]: You must search PopSci.com in the Android market. PopSci alone won’t work. All the more reason to use that “Send Feedback” feature built into the app. For convenience, here’s a link to the app on AppBrain.