Jan 14th, 2011

Yet another swing and a miss. It’s been a while since we’ve heard about Dell Streak’s Froyo update on AT&T. The last time we visited this scenario, we were looking at emails from within the company stating it had been delayed. Dell later confirmed those emails to be true. Now, we’re faced with the same: it’s been delayed again – according to yet another leaked email. Here’s the haps:

Sorry for getting back to you so late, but as you probably guessed we / AT&T are not releasing the update this week. I’d say a couple of more weeks at least. AT&T is pretty thorough in their QA sessions and that’s where we are.

A couple of more weeks doesn’t sound so bad, but it begins to pile on. What’ll happen after the next couple? And after that? We just want this thing updated already. We’re sure Dell doesn’t want to go through this same process with their Streak 7 being released for T-Mobile, so we’re hopeful they’ve figured out a way to update their phones faster as HTC did early in Android’s life. [via Streak Smart]

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