AT&T Dell Streak’s Froyo Delayed Again? “A Couple of More Weeks At Least”


Yet another swing and a miss. It’s been a while since we’ve heard about Dell Streak’s Froyo update on AT&T. The last time we visited this scenario, we were looking at emails from within the company stating it had been delayed. Dell later confirmed those emails to be true. Now, we’re faced with the same: it’s been delayed again – according to yet another leaked email. Here’s the haps:

Sorry for getting back to you so late, but as you probably guessed we / AT&T are not releasing the update this week. I’d say a couple of more weeks at least. AT&T is pretty thorough in their QA sessions and that’s where we are.

A couple of more weeks doesn’t sound so bad, but it begins to pile on. What’ll happen after the next couple? And after that? We just want this thing updated already. We’re sure Dell doesn’t want to go through this same process with their Streak 7 being released for T-Mobile, so we’re hopeful they’ve figured out a way to update their phones faster as HTC did early in Android’s life. [via Streak Smart]

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  1. The saddest part is, this phone was expected to be the first on AT&T to get FroYo.

  2. Aria- Froyo in Asia, not yet for AT&T
    Streak- Froyo in Europe, not yet for AT&T
    Captivate- Froyo in Europe SGS, not yet for AT&T
    Bravo/Flipside/Flipout- Shipped with 2.1, no word on 2.2
    Backflip- Recently got 2.1
    Aero- DOA

  3. I think this phone could have done well if it a) received updates and b) was available on other carriers…

  4. @adam tablet news
    You forgot c)Had any type of marketing.

  5. It is clearly a bandwidth issue, att cannot handle the consumption that the android platform affords. IPhone on att has so many limitations on consumption. I guarantee that if (doubtfully) froyo is allowed on att. there is NO feathering or hotspots features. Att users are seeing the proof first hand that the network is antiquated! So sad, the truth will set you free Att!

  6. How can AT&T be so strict with Android when they have never delayed any iphone updates? The updates come from the manufacture of the device and the OS developer. There is nothing for AT&T to review. Once they decided to sell an OS on any device they have agreed and approved the OS for the device and it’s safety for its customers. AT&T has not right to delay or to hold off an update. Google has publicly said they built Android for developers. It’s not as secure as Apple’s Iphone. There is no reason for AT&T to delay this because every Android comes with updates all the time. None of the updates are perfect from any OS. This is not good. This is another reason to why AT&T is the #3 provider. Simple things like this put a black eye on the company. Shame on AT&T. Shame on you.
    Dell released Fryo 2.2 months ago on the unlocked devices and those customers are happy and enjoying 2.2. We are all stuck with 1.6.

  7. The incompetence of at&t is amazing. How did Dell get tied up with them? For that matter, it looks like Apple is trying to pry themselves loose, also. I still don’t understand why the unlocked Streak I bought in August of last year (from Dell.com) is tied to the at&t update…

  8. What the fuck? Dell and AT&T suck DICK? I can’t believe it, excuses after excuses. OMG, I think they all should go FUCK themselves.

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