Verizon Introduces V Cast Messaging App to Replace Your Stock SMS Experience


Verizon’s getting a bit creative with V CAST as they’ve launched their own messaging app – think Handcent or Chomp – to give folks a better messaging experience. Send messages by groups, by location, add attachments – it’s all there. Not the biggest difference in the world from the many options out there in the Android market, but it’s an option nonetheless. Check it out, if you so dare. [via Droid-Life]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Does it cost money… pssssssh

  2. Free and not too shabby

  3. verizon is probably charging by the word

  4. As long as it doesn’t get pushed into the updates … that’s fine. I’m kind of thinking there should be open revolt as far as bloatware is concerned since the VZW iPhone is off
    limits to pre-loaded carrier bloatware.

  5. Actually much better than stock!

  6. VCast subscription required or no?

  7. But is it better than Handcent?

  8. No subscription required.

  9. what up with their gingerbread skin… kinda interesting with orange accents instead of green like stock ginger

  10. Pretty cool app. Definitely better than stock but Handcent is still better.

  11. No Vcast subscription required… Works well, but it is ugly and it doesn’t look like you can customize….

  12. Just downloaded, seems to work fine with no lag like most aftermarket sms apps (at least in my experience)that I’ve tried – I couldn’t find anything about a monthly fee/cost in the fine print so it’s FREE from what I can tell.

  13. Not bad for a first try… once they get it running a little quicker and maybe a few options as far as customization this could for sure be my default app

  14. Handcent works perfectly, so what it VZ now has their own SMS software. I am sure in usual VZ fashion it will come with crap you dont want.

    No Thanks i will stick with Handcent

  15. who evers phone this is is definitely running liberty rom which is a fantastic choice.

  16. No Extra charges… Group and Location Messaging is very unique … good stuff from Verizon …

  17. The_Omega_Man I’m with you buddy! Big Red will probably start charging by the word after we start liking the app. follow me folks @infojock

  18. Why does Verizon continue to try and make these V Cast softwares? They are all ugly and bad, every one of them.

  19. go sms is better than all

  20. Checked it out and was completely caught off guard with it. Very user friendly and you can actually tell someone spent some time working on it. It needs some more options in the settings for more customization, but workable in its’ first appearance. I’m going to give it a test drive for a few days cuz im digging it on my X….btw it’s set up similar to other txt apps just with a different name…..

  21. I tried it for a day. What I like about the stock SMS on the Fascinate is how sleek it looks. The Verizon one is kinda clunky and ugly, but the location sharing button is a great idea. And it’s free. But so is GO SMS. A cute and amazingly customizable SMS app that’s also free. Totally recommend.

  22. I have gone to the VCAST APP and I can not find this. Can anyone tell me what its called? and under what catagory I can find it?

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