SCVNGR Rewards Program Now Includes Buffalo Wild Wings


SCVNGR takes an approach to “check-in” services that says your rewards shouldn’t just be intangible badges or trophies. No, with SCVNGR the completion of certain challenges actually has real-world advantages. The latest to partner up with the app and offer some money-saving rewards is Buffalo Wild Wings, the sports bar and wing heaven.

Challenges include taking pictures, social check-ins, and writing a short blurb to earn discounts ranging from $5 to $25 off purchases, free wings and soft drinks, or the ultimate prize: a chance to meet basketball star Scottie Pippen.

If you are a SCVNGR user or a fan of good wings and sports, you’ll want to start getting your check-in on at BWW right now.

[via Android and Me]

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  1. Too bad wild wings sucks. I had never been until about a year ago and everyone as touting it as amazing. Two words described my wings; overpriced and cold.

  2. Buffalo wild wings is the sh!t, youre crazy. You should know when you get cold food to send it back and that bad visits to restraunts happens.

  3. Great place

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