Samsung to Ship 50 Million Smartphones this Year, HTC to Push 10 Million with 4G


The battle for smartphone OEM supremacy will no doubt heat up throughout 2011, and we have a pair of reports indicating just how many handsets two of the biggest manufacturers plan on moving this year. Samsung is aiming to ship and sell 50 million units this year, the majority of which will be Android-based. Taking up much smaller portions of that pie will be Samsung’s own Bada and Windows Phone 7.

A report from DigitTimes doesn’t peg a grand total for HTC’s handset shipments, but it does claim that the company plans on shipping 10 million 4G-enabled devices. The report also claims this won’t include HSPA+ “4G” phones, only WiMAX and LTE. They also point out that HTC moved 3 million WiMAX devices last year, all of which were the HTC EVO 4G.

[via BGR, UnwiredView]

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  1. 4.5″ Samsung Vibrant Plus for T-Mobile with Dual Core and FFC? Thats all I care about at this point. Unless someone else can make a screen that awsome.

  2. FURRST!

  3. I don’t understand why people keep putting quotation marks around “4G” when talking about HSPA+. The people who told us (ITU) what 4G was didn’t include HSPA+ before but they have recently changed their definition to include it so how about we lose the quotation marks already. I hate when people keep spreading lies, what is this an Apple website.

  4. I have a vibrant, all i know is when the Tegra 2 stuff comes out, such as lg or htc I’m jumping ship. I’m sick of the delays for software upgrades and the crappy gps. My wife’s touch slide gets better gps. I’m running nero v4 but I shouldn’t have to. Thanks for nothing Samsung. O! and Kies sucks!!!

  5. They do it because their “WiMAX” 4G is slower.. so they feel that putting the quotes on it will help people understand that it’s not really “4G” because of the faster speed ?

  6. No more samsung products for me. Great hardware + outdated software – support = No sale.

  7. Anyone know if Sprint is getting any of the above love? Haven’t heard anything from CES… their newest phone is the G2 …errr.. HTC Shift. Their flagship phone is the Evo, which is 6mo old.
    @ jdog25: When Sprint 1st announced Wimax as 4G, I called BS (at the time ITU had not changed their stance)… and a lot commenters called me high/crazy among other things. So, I spoke my peace and let it go. I feel like John Goodman in The little Lebowski… “am I the the only one that gives a f*ck about the rules?”

  8. I need your help to help me organize a consumer boycott of Samsung mobile products. Until Samsung supports the mobile products that they presently have on the market we have to stop buying their products . Enough talking about what you’re going to do and as long as we keep spending our money they’ll keep giving us the middle finger . The only thing Samsung understand are numbers and if we take those numbers away from them they’ll know how upset we are . I will be posting this on every site that has any information about the Samsung products please help me to make them to stop not supporting their products via timely updates and product support. Contact : [email protected]

  9. And for everyone who laughed at me and didn’t take this boycott serious I’ve already received over 5000 emails in 72 hours since I posted this

  10. @gramlights4

    There is Kies 2.0 released.

  11. JESSENAZ nailed it. Never again for me Samsung!

  12. No more Samsung for me, either. I really wish they would be forced to do a massive recall of all their phones with defective GPS and that major news outlets would publish high-profile news stories about how they’ve failed to acknowledge or address the GPS issues. The iPhone4 antenna made national news. I think the GPS problems are a much bigger issue which has been ignored by the major news media.

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