Acer’s 4.8-inch Phone/Tablet Could be Headed to Verizon in the US


Acer had a 4.8-inch phone at CES, apparently – we didn’t check it out because we previously had no idea. It doesn’t have a name yet and its software wasn’t yet ready for sharing. It sounds like it could be a pretty nice experience as it was described as having a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. (We assume it’ll be a current generation variant.) It’ll also apparently sport a 1,024×480 resolution and is formed of some sort of metal.

Acer wasn’t yet ready to discuss release plans, but you can expect it in the United States with one rep hinting toward Verizon alongside their Iconia tablet, says Engadget. Hit their link for more pictures of the unit.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Given a bad experience with Acer’s computer, idk if i want to try an acer phone

  2. Anamorphic resolutions work on monitors, but not on phones and tablets.

  3. wth, this isn’t small enough for a cell phone but too smart for a good tablet >.> i say doa

  4. Would love a phone with that screen and resolution, however the single processor marks this phone as obsolete before its even released…

  5. Too big for à phone and to small for a tablet that’s brilliant hahahaaa sikkeee

  6. This is total JUNK!!!

    Single core processor and the 4.8 screen is too big for a phone but too small for a tablet.

  7. Ill take only a dual core please. I already have 3 phones clocked at 1ghz, 1 OMAP, 1 Snapdragon, 1 Hummingbird. I thing suprosing the best for overall daily use is the omap. With snapdragon in at a close second with the hummingbird kills in gaming but touchwiz ruins it. By the way. The only way I would take another Samsung is of the galaxy girl blew me and left it as a tip, then I could use it as a frisbee at the park:-)

  8. Any with Acer is a no update lol

  9. Acer usually gives out one update, then stops (Liquid went from Donut to Eclair, Liquid E went from Eclair to Froyo, not sure about their crappy little entrylevel phones but that is my experience with Acer Android phones). Honestly, I think that this will be a nice device. Acer is coming up, offering high end specs at low prices.

  10. will it come with a wall mount?

  11. Screen size awesome! Single core processor? Crap!

  12. LET THE BUYER BEWARE…read the fine print of your warranty to see if there is any charges for using the warranty

  13. I don’t think one can anything smaller than a 5-inch device ‘tablet’

  14. Man Acer, with all this negativity it can’t be good for word of mouth.

  15. This thing can’t be serious!
    lol what is Acer thinking? out of the box? more like out of ideas.
    Stick with what works in the market Acer!

  16. i have had bad experiences with acer in the past but heard some reports that they have improved lately … however, nice to see they jumped on the android train :)

  17. I have an 11.6″ Acer netbook with AMD k625 Dual core CPU and ATI 4250 graphics. Totally happy with it, great bang for the buck with Macbook air performance at 1/3 the price and it does Flash effortlessly unlike the Air.

  18. To all who say it is too big for a phone I disagree. I have the 5″ dell streak and I find it amazing. It even fits in skinny jeans pockets. 4.3″ is probably more practical but 5″ is just plain awesome. In around a year and a half hopefully another phone of this size will be out because I would gladly buy another.

  19. Can you even buy skinny jeans with a 42″ waist?

  20. I’d love to see an Evo at 4.8″… would be a dream. Font care for this Acer though

  21. Better to expand screen to 1024×540 as that will enable qHD screen resolution (960×540) providing excellant room for a quality 5-row sliding QWERTY keyboard (top row for number keys).

  22. want dual core on a cell phone? people are taking their cell phones too seriously.

  23. Excellent phone, I hope as a first edition it won’t have many quirks.

    You do not need two-core processor on your phone b/c it will drain the batteries. Buy sony psp to play your games.

    Great screen – now I can comfortable use it as a car navigation system.

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