TweetDeck Updated to 1.0.6


TweetDeck’s been updated, recently, to tighten that social networking experience up just a little bit more. Most of the changes have to do with making it faster to download profile photos and faster Foursquare performance. You’ll also now have the ability to view full-sized profile pictures – yes, I too am happy about that. Go ahead and find it in your Android market now.

[Update]: Looks like it isn’t in the market after all, though that’s not what I was told from TweetDeck. An error, I’m sure. I also can’t seem to find the .APK file on their website. Feel free to point us and your fellow commenters in the right direction.

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  1. Its still 1.0.5 in my market…

  2. I’m at 1.0.5 in mine also. D1

  3. Same for update hero 2.1

  4. in their stream this morning Tweetdeck posted the APK….so it shouldn’t be long. But it’s not the market for me either.

  5. It was a beta release to testers

  6. Yeah, sorry Phandroid but you’re wrong on this one. The update is a beta APK only. It will not be on the market for at least a few days. That is how they do all TweetDeck updates.

  7. Did not know that. I was going based on an email sent from a TweetDeck rep that said, and I quote: “We have released version 1.0.6 of TweetDeck in the Android market…” with all of the features listed. My apologies, but we’re not “Wrong” @Black Kristos. I’ll update this post to reflect the error, though.

  8. Here is the link to the Beta 1.0.6 Release. I just downloaded it myself.

  9. The changes look good :-)

    °Friend database performance rewrite °Date formatting fixes
    °Updated Facebook profile pics now change in app
    °Show full sized user profile pics in app (click on avatar on user screen) °Transition to Foursquare API version 2.0 (this means less data usage)

    They also tweeted: FYI – Our new high performance friend database is the foundation for user name auto-complete.

    Looking forward to it :-) so far the beta is running well on 2.2 nexus 1.

  10. WOW! you guys really like tweetdeck, every little update gets a news post! wow!

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