Motorola Atrix 4G for AT&T Boasts Dual-Cores, Dock Transforms Phone to Laptop


Samsung and HTC aren’t the only manufacturers throwing into AT&T’s HSPA+ “4G” network. Perhaps the most intriguing of the batch is the Motorola Atrix 4G, the first dual-core Android for AT&T. While the two cores and a massive 1GB of RAM are pretty impressive, the thing that makes us most interested in this device is it’s ability to transform into a laptop with the help of a fancy docking station.

Simply pop the phone into the dock and you get access to a full keyboard and a much larger screen to surf the web, send out emails, and message your friends. Pretty darn nifty. We’ll be sure to hear a lot more about this later from Motorola’s own press event, where word is we will also get our first taste of Moto’s 4G Android slates.

[via Gizmodo]

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  1. Meh….

  2. Props to ATT as they are finally on the map(outside of the iPhone)

  3. The phone looks awesome to bad att is horrid, the dock also looks really expensive… Can probably get a decent laptop, netbook, or tablet for the price of said dock.

  4. no gingerbread & motoblur- no thanks

  5. Motoblur????? But why?

  6. the laptop doc is a good idea but it looks like it has been implemented poorly but can’t really tell from the pictures just yet.

  7. @Your Mom

    Meh? Really?

    Dual core, 1 GB of RAM, 16 GB internal storage, 1900 mAh battery, HSPA+, and it’s Meh? Yeah, right dude. This is the best Android hardware on the market.

  8. I thought Motorola said it was moving away from Moto-Blur (at least for high end devices). Shame.

  9. @Gee

    AT&T Network? Bootloader locked down tighter than a frogs a$$? Motoblur? Great hardware, sure, but it’s like selling a Core i7 notebook with a Blu Ray drive and loading it with 802.11a and Windows 3.1

  10. We’re all witnessing the future of computing, a future towards an universal device.

  11. mind explodes, so many top-end android phones

  12. Very cool!!!
    Needs a touch interface for the laptop to be even more of a kickass product.

  13. This is the future. May not be this device. May not even be Android. But I don’t see any reason why a phone shouldn’t be able to transform into a full blown computer.

  14. Hey that was my idea , would buy in a heartbeat if it was on VZW , but AT&T no thanks .
    I see this as the future one device , one OS , if the dock has charging capabilities and extra data storage capacity it will be great and be able to make a call while in the dock .

  15. one device to rule them all! But as others have said, Motoblur and locked bootloader means no

  16. Palm Foleo anyone?

  17. LG is still winning

  18. Palm Foleo was a separate computer. This is nothing like that. This is a dock.

  19. do have one problem does the dock have a seperate power supply or does the phone power everything?

  20. This is the future… Moto will win the technology wars!! Now instead of buying a computer, you can buy this docking station and you have your computer… you can leave it at home, or take it with you… Think India, China and even more developed countries like the US. This is a win win…

  21. What happens when you get a call?

  22. Wow, bring this to sprint… running WP7.

  23. i just realized i posted my last comment on an android site. I really was not trying to troll. sorrry. :(

  24. As long as you can root it……

  25. How much are extra docks gonna run you? I would love to have one at home and one in the office and only need to carry a cell phone. These 128gb micro SDXC cards are coming just in time.

  26. @Cpt Mike Beard wrote on January 5, 2011

    I was wondering the same thing.I’m guessing that if the phone rings while its docked:

    * You can turn on the speakerphone to be able to talk and do your work.


    * You use a headphone to talk and do your work


    * You undock it and pick up the phone


    Ignore the call :-P

  27. when you get a call you just use the microphone and speakers on the dock…and in the future once android has native video chat maybe just go straight to that…the possibilities are endless

  28. Why in the world is Motorola launchig
    this phone on the worst network. AT&T, or as my friends and I like to call it Acrap&crap dose not deserve this fast a phone. How can you use it on such a unreliable network. This phone should be on Verizon only.
    “DEATH TO AT&T” Version and Motodroid will rule:-)

  29. So is this what was codenamed Olympus?

  30. I would love a dock, as long as it’s just a dock and I can attach my own LCD/keyboard/mouse/LAN whatever. That HD Dock could be promising if it’s not $$$. That could change the way I travel. ’11 is looking to be a great year in phones.

  31. Too bad its the All Twits & Twats network… :-/


  33. ATT = dealbreaker. The LG was more impressive with its integration with other appliances in my home. ThinQ is innovative. And how this blurred rendition can claim *first* is also puzzling since LG announced 2 phones this morning at an earlier Press Conference. The bottom line will be who is first to market. Both phones are saddled with overlays, which is unfortunate for the consumer. I see it as a means of controlling if and when we get updates. If we had Vanilla Android, consumers would control that factor so long as Goog has released an OS update. But we must keep in mind that these people manufacture hardware and need us to keep buying…and buying…and buying.

  34. I am CESIC….in a CES Induced Coma. I have CES and especially Android overload……

  35. This would have been killer on VZW. On ATT its not.

  36. wow, I want to know about the price now.

  37. For all those complaining about this phone being on AT&T and it being a deal breaker, suck it! More bandwidth for me heh heh. For you Verizon customers, enjoy the iPhone in February hopefully you will enjoy the lag it brought to the AT&T network also. Verizon has had way better Android devices than AT&T for the longest time. It is about time the Apple shackles came off and good Android phones started to flow through AT&T. T-mobile customers complaining, you can suck it too you guys get goodies from Google…G1,G2, Nexus S. Sprint customers complaining, yes you can suck it too. You guys have the Evo.

    I do understand the frustration though, try being on AT&T and not have a iPhone. Very limited in choices. I used WinMo until 07/18/2010 then got a Captivate. It would urk me everytime I saw a cool new Droid hitting Verizon,T-mobile, or Sprint.

  38. About the bootloader being locked down…this is running a Tegra 2, not OMAP.
    Its possible Moto cant lock it down as tight. Or can any chip be put on any board inside the phone? And where exactly is the eFuse at? The cpu chip or on the board?
    Blur really isnt that bad.
    1GB Ram is nothing to sneeze at….this should be an amazing phone. It probably will be outshined by phones with better UI overlays tho. Cuz I do like the LG one, I like Samsung’s, and HTC’s. I wouldnt mess with none of theirs too much. Blur? I try to make my X look as Blurless as possible without custom ROMs.

  39. Hmm.. better devices that are android? so AT&T issssss losing the iPhone exclusivity.

  40. if all your data is in the cloud, why do you need to dock your phone physically at all?

  41. ahh it is a dumb terminal….no thanks. The laptop form factor is portable. When at a desk, I dock that to a 27″ monitor. That type of socking would be more interesting. I could see a dockable tablet that truly can be used as a laptop, but this form factor does not work for me.

  42. If it has Motoblur and no Gingerbread onboard…then forget about it. I will wait for the later. HTC or Samsung should be following the same route later as they will hopefully have a better integrations with their products.

  43. I have to agree. AT&T finally doing something right for a change. Now I can decide what phone to upgrade too.

  44. this phone will also be on bell up here in canada if that changes anything i am personally excited for the phone but i will wait for a review first im sure with those specs it will be popular among xda

  45. Kevin, why do you hate on HSPA+ so much. Drop the quotes on the 4G. If the ITU endorsing HSPA+ as AN OFFICIAL FORM OF 4G isn’t good enough for you, well, your an idiot. You do this in stories about T-Mobile and now AT&T. It’s annoying so knock it off. None of the other writers on Phandroid do this. Nor do any REPUTABLE writers for other websites. Your probably just pissed off cause your a Verizon customer in a market they haven’t announced 4G dates for. Or you feel the need to make Verizon’s (or possibly Sprint’s) 4G seem better than their competitors so you feel better about paying Verizon’s ridiculous prices. Idiot.

  46. Lenovo has a tab/laptop coming out soon

  47. This phone looks pretty sweet, as do the other two. The laptop feature looks pretty nifty, though I’m not sure that I would ever use that.

    I still don’t get all the AT&T hate. I’ve had them since 2003 (cingular) and I’ve never had a problem with quality or service. I have 3G everywhere I go and it’s always fast. And as for the bloatware/sideloading, you can always root. My Aria is running a Froyo Sense ROM and I can sideload. Also the 2GB data plan is more than enought for me…I use 500MB a month at the very most.

    It is good to see that they are introducing LTE this year. Are these new phones going to be able to pick up both LTE and HSPA+?

  48. Definitely ditching my iPhone for this after three years of the same OS I’ve gotten bored -_-

  49. @richthief

    I couldn’t have phrased you’re post any better. *applause*

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