CES Banner Teases Sony Ericsson Xperia X12/Anzu, Video Preview Shows Official Name as Xperia Arc


Amidst all the neon signs, huge billboards, and postcards featuring scantily clad women littering the streets of Vegas, there are actually some things related to CES hanging around if you look hard enough. Once such banner from Sony gives us a little taste of what could only be the Android phone we’ve been calling the Sony Ericsson Xperia X12/Anzu. It looks thin. Real thin. Maybe even thinner than the freshly announced LG Optimus Black. A video preview uncovered by Russian tech site Gagadget suggests the phone measure 8.7 mm at its thinnest point. That is .5 mm thinner than the Optimus Black.

The video promo also reveal what should end up being the final name for the phone when it is inevitably announced later today at Sony’s press event: the Xperia Arc. It should feature a single-core 1GHz Snapdragon chip, a 4.2-inch 854×480 display, and Android 2.3. See for yourself below:

[via Engadget 1, 2]

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  1. oooooohhh… niiiice.

  2. Straight to you with Android OS 2.1 ;)

  3. Like I said, 2.3? I will believe it when I see it.

  4. I’m fairly sure there have been leaked photos of it running 2.3…. Maybe I’m thinking of the Xperia Play.

    Anyway, I suspect Sony are a little more mindful of keeping upto date than they have been with the X10s.

    Quite how much better they will be remains to be seen.

  5. se xperia x10 pretty much had the same specs. its not the dual core. i just wonder what new is this phone is goanna have.

  6. If it ships with 2.3, it will always have 2.3. I think Sony Ericsson X10 has consumed the last remaining bit of good will and faith from its customers.

  7. As of October 2010, there was no point in buying a phone that wasn’t 4G capable (and if your carrier didn’t offer 4G phones, it would have been a good idea to wait a month or two until they did).

    As of January 2011, there isn’t any point in buying a phone that won’t have a dual-core processor.

    This Sony is a pretty handset, but techspecs wise it’s pretty yawners.

  8. Rumours suggest this is going to have the bravia engine for the display, second gen snapdragon processor (not dual-core as mentioned above), 8mp exmor r camera (again more sony tech in there), it will be updateable to honeycomb, have hdmi out and usb on the go.

    It seems like a nice little package and i’ll consider buying it if it still holds my interest by july.

  9. depends where in the world you are Ed. theres no 4G in the UK or even Europe from what i gather. i bet 99% of phone users in the UK have never even heard of 4G. sony usually does quite well in Europe so 4G capability will be of little importance to them…

    im surprised theyre using the 1ghz snapdragon, but then its sonys normal practice to reuse quite a bit of hardware 2 generations in a row. that way the second model theorectially comes to market quicker and has a lot of the problems from the original ironed out. this is basically a revision of the X10 with a bigger screen and new body. inside i wouldnt be surprised if its all the same guts.

  10. Google drops a curved front so Sony drops a curved back on us?? They are so backwards.

  11. flat screen with a curved back makes more sense…

  12. Sexy design very nice, but the screen is to big 4″ should have been the max size, & who thought it was a good idea to put a headphone socket on the side of the phone.???

  13. Dave b, LTE is available in several countries in Europe thanks to TeliaSonera. Netcom opened their 4G LTE network December 2009 in Oslo, Norway. Its now available in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and a couple baltic countries. All TeliaSonera.

    as for the phone, it looks brilliant, hope its alot better then the x10. and 2nd gen snapdragons with a good display amoledlike.

  14. xperia phones suc

  15. single core…need i say more????


  17. LOL single core. What the hell is wrong with this company?

    Make nice QWERTY X2 —–> sell for $1000

    Follow that up with a sexy X10 —–> wait 2yrs to release

    Big carrier picked up X10 a year later —–> still didn’t update android 1.6

    Now a beautiful Arc with supposedly android 2.4 —–> decided to stick with single core CPU

    Seriously, how hard is it to learn from 3yrs of failure?

  18. ooh i like it…if only it had windows phone 7 i’s grab it up

    Might still get it even with android

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