Android Running on a Google Chrome Notebook


Knowing Google, we expected that the Cr-48 Notebook – also affectionately known as the Chrome Notebook – wouldn’t be against a crafty developer or two hacking away at its insides. We wondered about the possibilities of running operating systems other than Chrome OS, and if the project headed by Liam Mcloughin is anything to trust, we may soon be running Android on these things.

The process involved a lot of trickery: he had to open the thing up, flip a developer switch, and used shell to submit commands. A bit of work was also done using his firmware toolkit for the Cr-48. We definitely wouldn’t recommend going out and seeking the files to do this as it’s a very complicated process and we would hate for anyone to mess their notebooks up.

As such, we won’t link to any of the files required – especially since the project isn’t complete. We’ll still be keeping an eye out and we’ll update you guys on his progress as he turns the “ChromeBook” into an Android-lover’s dream. [via ReadWriteWeb]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. The dev switch is in the battery compartment and shell is ctr,alt+t…..the trickery comment must have been about the install process not the comments immediately following regarding the swich and shell…

  2. pretty cool.

    there’s even a nice tutorial around describing how to turn your Cr-48 into a regular PC with a normal BIOS so that you can boot Windows 7, Ubuntu, even Mac OS X from USB and install like you normally would on a laptop

  3. I don’t see why not just give the link out, it’s not like you can’t find it online and it’s user choice if he wants to try it or not.

  4. oops. well after fully reading that site, it gives credit where to obtain hexxeh’s port

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