Thunderbolt Might Blow Your Pants Off [GOS]


This is from the so-crazy-it-just-might-be-awesome department. I received an email from a tipster who told me to “eat this” and prompted me to a German website playing host to what is allegedly the specifications to the upcoming HTC Thunderbolt.

You can click to embiggen.

The specs are beyond whack crazy, but even if some of them are true then forget the Optimus 2X. All specs listed in the picture are subject to change if mein Deutsch sucks.

  • 4.3″ screen
  • Dual-Core 1.2GHz processor
  • Gingerbeard
  • 8MP Camera w/2 LED flash
  • 5MP front camera
  • 16GB internal storage
  • 1800 mAh battery

Is it January sixth yet?

[via bestboyz.de | Thanks, Robert! It tastes delicious.]

Yeah, I don’t believe a damn word of this. But weirder things have happened.
From here on out, GOS means Grain of Salt.

Tyler Miller

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  1. Want to believe it, but I’m calling BS.

  2. Can I have sex with this phone?

  3. 4.3″ is too much phone for one pocket to handle

  4. gingerbeard? ill pass lol

  5. Official specs please, not buying this juicy tip

  6. 5MB FFC ? LOL it must like shit with such small sensors.

  7. Ever notice how specs never tell you how much RAM the phone has anymore. Seems to me that ample RAM, such as the 768mb available for the myTouch4G, is more pertinent to the performance of the phone than how many freakin apps it can hold.

  8. Might as well throw a HD front facing camera in like the Dell XP

  9. i wish but i think its a load of bull

  10. Any of this can be real but not in this time period.

    The only things that can be real on that beasty list are the
    8mp camera, 16gb internal memory, 4.3 screen, and the battery.

  11. From pocketnow:
    Well, we hate to burst your bubble, but MobileTechWorld has pointed out that the beefy MSM8960 chip these specs report the Thunderbolt as running won’t be a possibility at the time the phone would likely start shipping. The availability of the MSM8960 to hardware designers won’t even begin until next year, meaning it should be much later before we see it in any phones. And if that’s wrong, who knows about the rest of these Thunderbolt details?

  12. I’ll take stock Android on a single core, 4.0″ screen over anything with Sense.

    I hope the community starts to realize the importance of the software rather than the hardware. HTC is ruining Android.

  13. @A.Perry: 4.3″ screen phones are the same size, or smaller than 4″ screen phones. They fit in your pocket just fine.

    Evo – 4.8 x 2.6 x .5
    Epic – 4.91 x 2.56 x .56
    Fascinate – 4.91 x 2.55 x .41

    The other Galaxy S phones are roughly the same.

  14. Holly cow if that’s not BS. Nexus s is trash. Just sayin

  15. Heh, I was thinking GOS meant gossip. Same thing really. I don’t see many of these specs panning out though. I’m expecting something like an LTE version of the Desire HD.

  16. I fucking hope thats true! And if they add just vanilla gingerbreab

  17. I would definitly ditch the Nexus S that i just swapped my droid 2 for if this is more than just some crazy dream.

  18. @Aaron: Sense adds a lot to Android. Many useful widgets and a lot of enhancements to Android. The Hero had pinch to zoom first, built into Sense. When I pinch to zoom on most Android phones, I then have to double tap to resize text. Sense does this automatically on my Evo. You should check out the newest Sense to see what it is adding. Sense also looks a lot better than stock. Stock is plain and boring, which is what is giving Android a bad rap.

  19. I think it’s fake, Sense HD isn’t even out in the states, and plus they said dual core snap dragon JUST got out, I expect dual core qualcomm maybe late q3 or q4. I call fake, 5mp ffc? That is just… insane.

  20. Why are people always whining about Sense?
    I like it just fine on my Evo 4g. Maybe if you buy a decent phone in the first place…… there’d be less whining? And you scene kids hating on Sense… just because someone else does4 no apparent reason… get some balls. Some of us would love also purism….if it only had hdmi&4g actually working.
    Sense is so “uncool”… with working 4g and hdmi … and aosp with no 4g… is sooooooo awesome… ? I bet you Sense hates all live in theboonies where there’s no 4g.

  21. When dual core comes out it has lower or equal frequency than single core. That is why the specs seem like BS to me. Everything else seems reasonable.

  22. sounds like anti-marketing! yes, let the conspiracy fly. so here’s my thinking, Question: what’s a sure way to kill the buzz on any upcoming (first to 4g on VZW) phone that is already gaining interest? Answer: build it up to a point that people will only be disappointed when the true specs come out. i know i’ll be a little disappointed when this phone is released w/o these specs and it may feel like a “rip-off” compared to this (awesome) monster described above. so let’s point fingers at either LG, Sammy, or Moto… :) shaaaaaaame!!!

  23. http://www.dailytech.com/ARM+Readies+Dual+Core+CPU+Onslaught+With+12+GHz+Snapdragon/article18575.htm
    Oops, the above website says 1.2Ghz dual-core is available, so I would say everything looks good.

  24. I don’t believe this. Like, 5MP FFC? I doubt it.

  25. Ditto on sense. I don’t know why people diss it either. I think most people who diss it haven’t even used it. They are just following what the other few people are saying about it. I love it and I was a Nexus One user prior to Mytouch 4g. Sense adds just the right additions and stuff that I found myself looking for in the market, but done better on sense. My brother was a Nexus One user as well and we are both rooters. We both have enjoyed sense.

  26. Well if this is true my new birthday is on january 6th and my incredible will be listed on ebay! The duel core deals the deal for me. @Aaron…implying ht, is ruining android is the most idiotic thing you could say. Htc builds amazing phones and obviously you have not owned one or at least an htc super phone! If these specs are true this should have been the nexus phone!

  27. I used sense UI but I prefer stock android and touchwiz 3.0 over it. Touchwiz 3.0 is better than sense UI in every important aspect but doesn’t always run like fluid it sometimes lags but thats why I prefer stock android aside from google updates because it is optimized fully.

  28. Is this phone for T-Mobile

  29. I like sense. I think it is the best of the overlays. I still prefer stock because it makes updates much more simple and you can go to the market for a new launcher. I think Htc understands that the non-tech head user needs. Android is plain to look at, and if someone is just coming by and picking up the device they wouldn’t know how to set the home screen or create widgets. Honestly many of the carriers aren’t giving walk through anymore on how to work the device and make it your own. I have come across people who have no idea what to do and don’t even have a task killer on the device. One thing these Windows mobile devices and apple have is simple pick up and use ability. Look at tile and press, Or basically an app drawer that never goes away. Android is a great OS. and OS that you can make your own and change. Every level of the device can be altered, but many don’t know that. They hate the stock music player but may not know that poweramp, winamp, tunewiki are all waiting there for them.

  30. I meant deals the deal…darn swype! I am not too big a fan of touch wiz. My wife has the vibrant it is ok however I prefer stock android to it.sense ui is solid and clean feeling and my favs of the skins of course we all have opinions! :)

  31. @ 2FR35H,
    Are you serious??? Touchwiz is GARBAGE!! And you obviously haven’t used the new SENSE.. This phone will be great regardless if these specs are real or not…Hahahahaha TOUCHWIZ???? HAHAHA

  32. Not cool. Not buying this failure.

  33. Stock android is like Cheesecake. Many people like cheesecake because it tastes great, but cheesecake isn’t that dazzling to look at. It just looks plain. The other phones are like Chocolate fudge Cake or Red Velvet cake. Very good to eat, but you get tired of the same. Nothing ever changes, but cheesecake can add raspberry, blueberry, caramel, Chocolate, and best of all lime. But truth be told nothing ever wins out over the original cheesecake. The issue is if you put cheesecake in front of child and put the rest of the flashier cakes out there too. The kid will choose the color and pomp over something real, deep, and flavorful. That kid will never know all the options he has with Cheesecake.

  34. I call bs. CES is a week away. I’m sure if this thing is as powerful as believed a high profile manufacturer like Htc would have this thing under lock and key until CES or Mobile World Conference in febuary. They wouldn’t give the honors to some podunk German website. Lol

  35. I think you right gingerbEARd on purpose.. >:1

  36. I love sense, I love rooting, I love choice, therefore I love android!

  37. @MikeB: Not having a task killer is a good thing! They’re bad! They don’t even work on Froyo, thank goodnesd.

  38. Sense is beautiful, but it should be possible to deactivate. And htc does make great phones, but variety between Sense and straight android should be more prevalent. That said, as to the rumor above, I have to call bs between the 1.2 dual-core, the 5MP ffc, and if you look at the pic, the 128 GB capable sd card slot. Are those microSD’s available?! I’d love for this to be true, but I’m not holding my breath. I can still wait and dream, though.

  39. This is fake Lmao “kamera” anyone else catch that?

  40. Aaron: You’re kidding, right? Didn’t you see autofokus? It’s from Germany. You bash Sense, now you are just looking stupid.

  41. Sense is cool.. but only for a minute, then everything start to get boring to me. Looking at any launcher for long period of time gets old and old quick. That’s why I like launchers like adw and launcher pro. Adw being best out the and most customizable. So Sense is cool but not for me. On another note, I don’t believe Shit until its Announce the official spec sheets. Any who I don’t really care anyway. Im on t mobile

  42. Only chuck norris can do that!

  43. @Androidbiiatch
    Hey bro, grow up. Everybody has their own opinion and for you to laugh at him for having an opinion that differs from yours is juvenile and plain idiotic. So be sure to turn on your maturity next time you post, lest you make yourself look any more stupid.

    As much as I would love this phone, I’m perfectly happy with my Vibrant and it’s touchwiz. Though some of these specs are pretty outrageous, it better have a good battery life if it’s gomma stick with them.

  44. *ACHTUNG*
    I call total BS on this whole story. The 128 gb micro sd doesn’t exist yet.

  45. I actually spoke with someone at a Verizon coorprate store, and he has a thunderbolt!, he wouldn’t let me know the “official” name, but he did inform me that it is running android 2.2 with the “New” sense, the way I know this is he told me there was a slate theme, and also, he let me SEE the device! For about 2 seconds, no not hold or even see the screen on, just flash the device for 2 sec, then back in the drawer…….

  46. I want gingerbeard

  47. I have a sense phone and I can do without. I don’t care for the contacts system or the facebook or twitter integration. I prefer the official apps. And to me that gloss black look is not all that great. Basically for me it has nothing over stock. I just flat out like stock better.

  48. Anyone else notice it says Quadband? :)

    I hope it comes out/works with T-Mo USA. I will dump this Vibrant in a sec. Let’s hope it has HDMI or 3.5″ TV Out. Although, I think HTC wants to push it’s little DLNA box.

  49. Actually @DualCore is on to something.. If you look at his link, and then go to the German article it mentions this very Qualcom chip… which is an interesting chip in that it has onboard support for all 4 of the US 4G technologies.. as well as a whole slew of other things, like GPS, audio, and video.. The only really weird thing is the FFC specs, everything else is not necessary that outrageous.

  50. You cant bash touchwiz if you would open your sense fanboy eyes, and then notice it increases efficiency by far more than sense. I use neither. Looks arent everything. And have you even used the new sense? Its not all that different. Stock will always win because its what Google intended with the G1 and every other flagship device it has had.

  51. Im not hating on Verizon….but i have ahard time believing that this phone could possibly have better Specs than an EVO 2. Its no secret the EVO will have a successor but i think theres some specs left out for that phone That HTC still has under wraps.Gingerbread?seems too soon. People have longed for 1800 Mah batteries forever.why would this be the first?

    But im sure Dan Hesse wouldnt say lets give the EVO 2 the same shit as the Thunderbolt.

  52. Motoxer, it might not exist yet but there could be support for small micro-SDXC-cards.

  53. 1800mah battery is quite impressive though i would say that the display resolution is most important. it should not be wvga and it should probably be higher to actually impress the buyers.

  54. Since it’s not mentioned, I guess it’s safe to assume it DOESN’T have DDR2 memory? processor and faster memory seems to be the rage now days with new Super AMOLED screen … I’ll wait for full specs before I update my budget :)

  55. i am probably the only one but i don’t like this phone’s design… oh and those specs are BS meant to build more hype.. wake up and smell the flowers..

  56. think about who we have propogating the anti-sense sentiment. If you’re on this site and willing to take time out of your day to write something on here than you are mostly likely a tech geek. Sense is made for the masses, most consumers are looking for a polished OS equivalent to iOS. Just root the damn thing and stop whining

  57. @mike- good god man where have you been? Task killers are officially not something you should use and have been for quite some time

  58. Maybe this was htc’s nexus two but google decided to screw htc and use dumb sammy…. this is specs for a true nexus two and it looks a little like the nexus one. just my two cents hehehe

  59. @Joshua or anyone else. How do you get Sense on a non-Sense ROM? I have a Sprint Hero. First rooted to Fresh, now to CM6.1 for Froyo but missing Sense. Any way to add Sense or pieces of it?

  60. It’s a little bit strange that this phone will have LTE. LTE in Germany is just about to start, but it will be maybe available for the mayority at the end of next year (2011).

  61. This is obviously fake. The MSM8960 isn’t supposed to be ready until Summer 2011 earliest. The specs are bs. Last I heard the Thunderbolt was a 1Ghz single core CPU.


  62. Will these dual cores phones finally have a higher resolution, like 1280×800? (350 ppi)

  63. @moii Yeah, cool story, bro.

  64. I think it is a perfect time for HTC to take the lead on cell phone development with Iphone coming to Verizon there is no better time to show Apple up. I think timing is perfect and brilliant on HTC’s part.

  65. if this is true im in line right now

  66. can i remove google on this phone and replace it with bing like my fascinate? i love bing

  67. Be true! Epic 4G goodness on Verizon for me!

  68. WOW if this is all true witch we will not know till jan 6th at CES then I can not think of what Moto will come up with. HTC would have blown them out of the water!!

  69. I am in, please do not make me wait too long. If they sold this tomorrow for $700 I would say ok here is my credit card, and anybody want to buy a slightly used Captivate.

  70. Ha!… “embiggens”… nice Simpsons reference.

  71. HTC, that’s not fair!!! You can’t nuke the competition just because you have the power to do so!!!

  72. Can the friggen RAM be upgraded please??? Ram on most of these phones sucks

  73. Chuck norris can only have this phone!

  74. Gingerbeard? I’ve always wanted a phone with a red beard. My dream phone!

  75. Waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S2 …. gotta have dual-core, and I don’t believe this “leak” for a minute ….

  76. cut the gingerbeard, gimme iPhone!

  77. I find alot of these specs hard to believe but guess we will find out in a few days

  78. @andrude
    good luck trying to get updates from samsung when you get the galaxy s2

  79. @ Mason
    Awww, I’m sorry for making you feel butt hurt about your crappy Touchwiz UI…It was just my opinion and for you to call me immature for my opinion, just makes you look stupid as well. I had a fascinate and I had to go back to my rooted Incredible because of the Touchwiz and the stupid lag and GPS problems. You wont find problems like that on a HTC phone, especially the new SENSE!!!!

  80. Waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S2 …. gotta have dual-core, and I don’t believe this “leak” for a minute ….

    And it will likely run Android 2.1, buggy and full of lags, but they will promise an upgrade sometime soon.

  81. If this were to be true then this will be the ultimate phone for the time being until another one surpasses it. -HTC Droid Incredible

  82. @Tech
    so true lol

  83. Never believe what they say on here. always wait for the REAL SPECS TO COME OUT cause everyone always likes bout it.

  84. I love how I wrote write wrong. Lol

  85. Obviously a bit too-good-to-be-true. Specs read like a wish list which pretty much means bogus nonsense especially the FFC and dual-core proc.

    If the phone has a dual-core though, I would jump on it. If it doesn’t, best to wait for the Moto Etna.

  86. It’s been a while since anything “blew my pants off”.

  87. It may be a very minuscule detail, but are screen resolutions no longer relevant?

  88. I believe you spelled gingerbread wrong

  89. OK, I think the name for the chipset is wrong however I do not believe the specs are wrong. I believe it will be launched with the MSM 8660 with a LTE modem chip add on much like WiMax is a separate chip now. Read the press release below.


    Qualcomm shipped dual core snapdragons back in June of 2010. They were not the 28nm 8960 w/ integrated LTE though. They were the initial revision. That time line is consistent with the disclosed road map below.


    LG is bringing a DC phone to Korea in Jan and the States by Feb if memory serves correctly so it is happening. Also, LG is a small smartphone maker compared to HTC so it stands to reason HTC would have the same hardware choices available if not better.


    5MP FFC is nuts but then again it makes sense. Using a 1.3MP FFC to take self portraits is just sad and that isn’t much of a video chat. So with the launch of LTE I could see it happening.

    The support for MicroSDXC seems far fetched. I would expect SDHC but I could be wrong here. SDXC products have been announced.

    Given the rudimentary changes in Gingerbread I could see it… but I don’t think they will because the N1 doesn’t even have a 2.3 AOSP official build yet. I expect 2.2.

  90. BAh… spacing didn’t work out. My bad.

  91. Why the hell is the file called “Thunderbird-Crazy-Specs-550×261.jpg”?

  92. Only surprise is a 5MP front camera… nothing mind-blowing otherwise. Like a giant Evo…

  93. The only things that could be real from this are gingerbread, dual core @1.2 ghz, 4.3″ screen, battery,16 gig memory, and the 8mp camera. 5mp front facing cam is ridiculous i’d believe 1.3 or even .3mp but 5 is insane.

  94. Also the gingerbeard – This is like the pirate version of android! Cant wait till XDA gets a hold of it so we can start some pirating action on our phones!


    —-This phone might have half of those specs but its total BS

  95. Yes and it also comes with a rainbow with a pot of gold under it. If you’re buying this malarkey, I have some exclusive beachfront property in Waco, TX. I think you’d be interested in.

  96. Yes and it also comes with a rainbow and a pot of gold under it. If you’re buying this malarkey, I have some exclusive beachfront property in Waco, TX. I think you’d be interested in.

  97. sense makes sense!!!! i love it!!!!

  98. @shawn1224 is it here 31.579821,-97.189633 ?.. how much ?

  99. I used to piss and moan about all phones having sense until I actually now I love it. It adds so much good to android. I love it on my my touch 4g. Google will have to do done serious ui/ue changes to get me back to stock now.

  100. I’d trade my Incredible in for this. Sounds pretty sweet.

  101. @tim242, I agree. I’m actually hoping HTC will come out with a 4.5 or 4.7″ screen. I don’t see why they can’t keep it the same length as my EVO and just a few mm wider. That would be the perfect phone size imo.

  102. Dont know if this was already said:

    At first; I´m German.

    This Screenshot was taken in the inventory listing of a German retail seller (like BestBuy). But in Germany we have only GSM network (LTE isn´t nearly ready). So, this isn´t the CDMA Thunderbolt for Verizon ;)

    And I also daubt that it will be called Thunderbolt here in Germany.

    Regarding the hardware:

    The Dual-core MSM8960 won´t be out til the end of 2011, but its 1,2GHz counter-part schould be available in first half of 2011. 5MP frontcamera is kinda unrealistic in my opinion.

    BTW, HTCInside got also a screenshot of the Specs of HTC HD7 before it was announced and that specs were (nearly?) true ;)

  103. Yeah, a 1800 mAh battery isn’t likely.

  104. Makes my shiny new EVO look like a mid-range phone. I just left my OG droid and verizon for sprint because vzw over billed me every month of my 2-yr. contract. Fuck Apple and AT&T for starting this lame trend of phones being locked to a single carrier. My first phone ever (moto razor)was available on every network.

  105. I don’t have the links here at home but I was reading about Qualcomm’s dual core family and I am pretty sure the first dual cores are based on the third generation snapdragon which is still Cortex A8 processors. They are putting two 45nm A8 cores with an Adreno 205 GPU. My worry is one A8 core uses a lot of power… Two A8’s will use even more…

    The Tegra 2 is based on two Cortex A9’s which are designed to work together.

    Samsung’s Orian looks to be the killer Dual Core… I wonder how long before we see it.

    I won’t be a Thunderbolt first adopter. I will wait a while to see performance and power use.

  106. @frongy
    sadly for me verizon is cheapest(minus tmobile) and they have some of the top phones

  107. Whatever, Chris. TMO is still faster!!!

  108. I don’t believe those specs are completely accurate but I dont think they’re that far off from the real specs. HTC has been working on this for awhile and I hope Verizon doesn’t shoot themselves in the foot putting the iPhone next to this sexy beast. This could be the best of the Droid line to have come. I’m jealous until my EVO 2 comes out :)

  109. I’d buy it for sure, but HTC has a nasty habit of putting small batteries in their phones, like the 1230mAh battery in the new Desire HD (really really bad call on that one). So for them to put a 1800mAh battery in the Thunderbolt seems hard to believe.

  110. @jon
    yeah maybe but id rather have coverage wherever I go and actually feel confident I can use my phone

  111. Gingerbeard!!?? A pirate OS?!? Lol, you probably wrote it while borrowing ur lady’s iPhone, right? :)

  112. @Frongy,
    Neither ATT nor Apple started the trend of phones being locked to a single carrier. We have always had certain phones that were carrier specific. Perhpas the market has shifted just a little bit, but I wouldn’t say it did a whole lot. ust about the last phone I remember which EVENTUALLY made it to most/all carriers was the Moto Razer, but carrier locks and branding have been going on far before smartphones.

  113. Bela, thank you for the history of phones being locked to carriers, that was already known and irrelevant to his point. Now, run along and go do some purse shopping or something :)

  114. 1. Yum
    2. Just think what kind of specs we’ll be salivating over in 6 months, when “4G” is more pervasive…..

  115. we remember guessing-wising how nexus s should be and what

  116. I can’t wait to get this thing down my pants.
    The first thing I’ll do after unboxing is give it a thorough lube, switch to vibration alert and start making calls to myself.

  117. @pimpstrong
    Yeah because that’s the only action you will ever get is from a phone ha but then again you should be happy for this awesome phone now u don’t need to use ur iphone

  118. Not even if the pope said it.

  119. 5mp front face camera? thats more than awesomee man.
    And 1800 mah battery is also a big step forward.

  120. Lets just hope they wised up and put a bigger battery in it. I would pay an extra 30-40 for a bigger battery being put in rather then having to go out and buy one that makes the phone look huge

  121. I’m growing a Gingerbeard right now!

  122. Good to see the battery size increasing, but I’d still like to see at least 2500mah and preferably 3000. Wake up and smell the power drain.

  123. I don’t want a beard made of ginger. Yuck!

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