Vodafone 845 Now Really Cheap


This is the type of device I could only recommend in good conscious if you were looking for something to break your Android addiction.

The Vodafone 845 can now be your for £70 on PAYG. It may look like nothing Android you’ve ever seen, but I assure you it’s an Eclair device. If nothing else, it’s a great gag gift for anyone that bought you some phony lottery tickets for Christmas.

[via EuroDroid]

Tyler Miller

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  1. but, not that much more you can get the amazing Orange San Francisco.

  2. @jimmy I think he might be right in saying conscious.
    conscious:perceiving, apprehending, or noticing with a degree of controlled thought or observation. Meaning that he may be recommending in good observation or simply he just got a good understanding of why he recommending this phone….
    Don’t worry Tyler I got you….lol

  3. Hey now! It’s still an Android phone, and all android phones need love and care.

  4. Wow just looked up the Orange San Francisco. It is 99 pounds and has a 3.5″ WVGA OLED display. Yeah I’d take that over this.

  5. josefromhershey, what did I miss?

  6. I can attest to how truely bad this phone is. I have suffered with it for 3 months while waiting for my Desire HD. I purchased the phone to hold me over till the HD came in and was costantly frustrated with the slow processor, resistive screen and added vodafone crapware. That said, as Mitch said, it was still an Android phone and was better than no Android.

    Of course now that I have my Desire HD in it is relegated back to the desk drawer to wait till it’s needed again. I can’t exactly say it will be missed.

  7. I couldn’t’ resist to answer your remarks. its the cheapest android phone in the market and it costs as much as some plain no-android phones. It has android 2.1 , which the big sony xperia 10 doesn’t have (1.6). Ndrive works great, at the same time I can stream my music albums to my car stereo and listen to the directions , all at once , with out any problems.I’m writing this from the device with a pen.I didn’t’ know anything about android and in two months I know almost everything about it.So I think its great as an entry level device , all that for a 110 € (Greece).Value for money you american s call it.

  8. can the android vodafone 845 make a video call or give real time map?

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