Motorola Olympus Heading to CES?


IntoMobile just got a nifty tip off: AT&T may be announcing the Motorola Olympus at Las Vegas’ CES, which I just realized is only a week away.

Don’t expect this to be another run of the mill phone, rather one that matches the prowess of the LG Optimus 2X. The initial features are rumored to be:

  • 1GHZ NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core
  • Gingerbread
  • 4″ display

From the image, you can guess that BLUR will be adorning your device out of the box; just don’t forget that there are alternatives out there.

This is going to be quite a red letter event for Motorola if both this device and their Honeycomb tablet are unveiled at year’s CES.

[via IntoMobile]

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  1. If it has MotoBlur and a locked Bootloader than i have to say NO!!!!

  2. I was going to wait for this but decided to get the Streak instead…pretty pleased with my decision

  3. Just put ADW EX on it and BLUR problem solved.

  4. looks like it has sprint ID

  5. Is Blur tightly integrated or is it just a launcher?

  6. dont know bout any moto phones anymore. i think i hate motorola to be honest.

  7. they couldnt atleast give it 2.2?

  8. Why can’t they go back to stock android like the original droid? Is this the successor to the droid x?

  9. So VZW has the Thunderbolt, ATT has the Olympus, Sprint has…who knows what yet but probly something good, and TMO has the lil bitch ass Cliq 2…

  10. oh oh!! at&t your going to get in trouble with papa jobs.

  11. Still prefer my Nexus S over that thing.

  12. I have to aggre with the comment that I hate MOTO. I had the Droid X and it kept freezing on me. I was sent a replacement by VZW. Than I got the cold shoulder saying I had to take the issue up with Motorola. So I told VZW to sho*ve it. Family plan down to minimum $70 a month and back to Sprint. EVO. 69.95 plan with 20% discount sweetest deal ever. Adios MOTO and VZW

  13. @Pimpstrong, correction! tmobile will have the LG Optimus 2X, so be nice to tmobile the fastest 4g network.

  14. Yea pimp, tmob is getting lg optimus 2x :) … At&t is getting shit

  15. @ Dork: What comes after 2.2? 2.3 AKA READ THE FLIPPIN ARTICLE!!!

    Neways. I’m still waiting for a phone to top Apple’s Retina Display in terms of ppi and resolution. IMO Samsung, HTC, and Moto have waited waaay too long to put Apple in their place–that is second place.

  16. hardware looks/sounds great. . . now if I could only get it in “vanilla Android”

  17. @dork, gingerbread is 2.3 so it has the newest version available

  18. @dork you fail! Lol.

  19. Hopefully the Verizon version of this has the Droid version of Blur, or better yet, stock Android like the original Droid. The Droid version of Blur is likely, but I don’t know about stock Android. I hope so though.

  20. Just one thing…That photo does not look like 2.3 Gingerbread. Of course that’s not to say it’s just a test build they have on it for the photo.

  21. Who’s the faggot with the tuba?

  22. whats goanna be the screen resolution. wvga or the 720p resolution. it seems like dell is not goanna showcase any of their devices

  23. I had just assumed that this would be announced at the show.. I figured it would be more of a Motorola announcement, as isn’t it the plan for this to be a Galaxy S type launch for all carriers ? .. Perhaps they will do some type of joint presentation with Moto showing off the hardware and AT&T supplying the time frame.

  24. never been a fan of motorola but wanted an android phone with a keyboard so finally took the plunge and gave the milestone 2 a try. ive had it for a few weeks so far and its an awesome phone. one of the best ive ever had. dont see all the fuss about motoblur… i just clicked on skip setup and then dragged and dropped the widgets off the homescreen. lol. its not hassled me since. i quite like the rest of the layout. i think it looks better than stock android if anything. if the olympus is half as good then it will be a great phone. dont be put off by the anti motoblur fanboys!

  25. The ad servers on this site are crawling today.. just saying.

  26. Motorola is making same looking phones lately!!!

  27. This was the same phone that was rumored to be eventually going to all four US carriers, ala the Galaxy S line, correct (Terminator/T2)?

  28. Kinda shocked that Moto’s newest powerhouse is going to AT&T. Verizon has been their bread and butter when it comes to Android.

  29. Is that a front facing camera?

  30. Ew, Motoblur. If there’s a way to get rid of blur and get stock android then i would definitely go for this phone.

  31. iPhone exclusivity is up from what I understand and ATT now finally has to step up. So Olympus to ATT to try to compete. Problem is their network is still the most overloaded, and it’s a backhaul problem folks, and their data plan is capped at 2 GB while everyone else is at 5 gb. ATT still needs more work if they’re really going to compete. Good first step though.

  32. But unfortunately the screen is only 854×480. How is apple still in the lead with screen resolution. Id figure company’s would jump all over that

  33. I’d take a 4″ 854×480 screen over a 3.5″ 960×640 screen any day of the week. Maybe my eyesight is bad but I don’t see pixels on a 480p screen. But yeah it does shock me that no company outside of Apple puts a high res screen on their products.

  34. No matter what phone comes out at this point it is in for a flaming, especially if its not going to which ever fanboys cell provider. To the dude comparing this phone to the Streak, nice try, but that’s comparing a VW to a Benz. Face the facts fellas we are all going to have cellphone envy at some point, its sad but as soon as you buy a new device something better is coming in six months.

  35. u guys going to be surprised when the phone is announced

  36. id take it too…id take my galaxy s screen over the iphone 4’s screen any day…i have owned both and i love my galaxy’s screen so much more

  37. @ zeo
    Maybe you see something I don’t, but ATT’s website sure implies they’ve got a 5 gb limit too.


  38. hohoho knows something…indeed i hope you all fall of your chairs when the phone finally shows. Woowee Daisy, we’s gonna have a good time wit dis.

  39. Frankly I don’t CARE! I NEED A NEW PHONE NOW. I only just glad I didn’t get the Captivate or the out of date X10. I’m just glad I have a full hd phone coming to AT&T network cause I’m desperately need a new phone.

  40. I’ve been waiting to upgrade on att for a month now because of this phone, and I couldn’t be more excited. Dual core, 4 inch screen, and a front facing camera (mentioned in previous articles)? Count me in. Motoblur has it’s haters, but there are ways around it. Att needs this phone, so I hope it delivers

  41. At&t seems to be all of a sudden, taking on some high end Android phones. I’m sure loosing exclusivity of the iphone has nothing to do with it.
    Unfortunately At&t customers who purchase those phones won’t be able to truly see Androids greatness.

  42. Seems like a droid x on att. not much is different between the two devices. Was on att for at least 13 years with no problems, dropped calls, or lousy customer service. Verizon is better now.

  43. “Seems like a droid x on att.”

    Um yes, they are both cell phones; they’re basically the same ;-)

    but seriously the rumored specs include a Tegra 2 SoC (almost a definite thing), which would be a huge difference alone. But the form factor, button style, and features differ greatly; this isn’t a Droid X.

    Although… considering the original Droid X was supposed to be a monster, super high-end smart phone that catered to tech nerds, I wonder if they considered calling it the Droid 2 at any point, but decided they wanted to use different names for different carriers like the Galaxy S line does.

    I wish it had the Droid Xs screen size.. lately the rumors have been saying 4 inches, but at first the rumors said 4.3 or 4.1. I have a 4 inch captivate right now, and it’s a good size, but my big hands would prefer bigger phones.

    The toughest rumor for me is the “HD” (720 horizontal instead of 480 horizontal, or maybe similar to iphone4’s display?) rumor, which I would LOVE to believe, but for some reason, it strikes me as unlikely. I hope I’m wrong!

  44. This isn’t leaked news, its PR. The Olympus/Etna debuting at CES is all old San has talked about lately. ATT gets Olympus, Vizzie gets Etna. My money is on LG’s Optimus 2X with Tmo. They have something to prove and have to enter the game strong. I’m betting that LG will put their resources behind it in support too. I cannot say the same historically for Moto. They have a recent history of leaving too many of their users behind.

  45. 3 more days for “shock and awe”

  46. Looks great! Wish it came in multiple colors though.

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