Fiabee Offers Syncing Between Android and Chrome


A new extension for Google Chrome allows a user to seamlessly send files back and forth between devices and Chrome itself, similar to Chrome to Phone. Fiabee, a newcomer to the game has ported its iOS app for Phandroids.

After installing the Chrome extension, the Android App and creating the free account, the user is given 1GB of cloud storage to transfer files between devices and desktops without the need of cumbersome cables. The HTML5 based Chrome extension is very easy on the eyes and a breeze to learn with the Chrome version supporting drag-to-upload. Once the file is uploaded from either end, simply retrieve it from the other. Bonus points goes to Fiabee for adding an upload link to the share menu, removing any necessity to be in Fiabee to use the service.

If 1GB of storage just isn’t enough, Fiabee allows users to upgrade their accounts to unlimited storage starting at 59.99€/year.

What would I add to it? Sharing between contacts.

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  1. I think dropbox is a much more attractive solution.

  2. @Lekky I’m not sure why you favour dropbox, you don’t say.
    I use dropbox and am trialling Fiabee. It’s Chrome plugins for uploading files, and for dragging sections of a web page to copy up are unique, well to me – never seen anything like it. Makes it feel really slick and gives me a vision of what to expect in years to come with web apps.
    Fiabee still has it’s issues, but it’s design is way better than Dropbox. Even dropping for 2 to 1 Gb for free, I think it’s going to be a keeper.

  3. I like to use Awesome Drop app for quick file transfers like this.

  4. @Lucian
    Yeah, just looked at Awsomedrop, it’s web style is very much like Fiabee.
    It looks great for add-hoc transfers.

    However Dropbox/Fiabee allow on-line storage, so I always know I have file available I want, also means the wife can have access, as well as work/home/friends houses etc.

  5. Would be great for chromeOS, but for full operating systems it doesnt seem as useful as dropbox. up to what, 10gb free with referrals? public folders, explorer integration, auto sync with what is essentially another folder on your pc, etc

    But hey, it’s another option, and options are good. But I think this is definitely aimed at the new os.

  6. Chrome to phone? By Google?

  7. Gingerbread anyone? Possibly Honeycomb? One of the two will have it for free right through your gmail account.

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