Warning: Nexus S Not Gorilla Glass, Don’t be “That Guy”


A few days ago @SamsungService twitted a nice little message:

And in the world of, well, EVERYTHING, there is only one reason for a PSA message like this one. And the events leading up to this message were probably preceded with “Here, hold my beer and watch this”.

So let’s not be that guy; but if you can’t resist the temptation please take pictures of your device and send them in so we may properly ridicule you. Friends of those needing ridicule are also welcome to send in photos.

[via Engadget]

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  1. HAAHAAH i can’t wait to see the pictures.

  2. I had an idea that these would NOT be Gorilla Glass. It has a nice curved face which I wasnt sure if Corning could produce. Now I am very sure there are other great alternatives out there but are not well known. Id love to know who did make the surface and see some nice promo youtube videos! =0)

  3. Indeed:

    One of the differences between the Galaxy S and Nexus S: No gorilla glass.

  4. sounds like the Galaxy S is still the best (IF IT EVER GETS GINGERBREAD)

  5. Lol Nexus S will always be a bit better then any of the Galaxy S series, and if not then on the same level.

  6. @George nexus s isn’t listed anywhere on that page

  7. After having hands on, I’m kinda glad that T-Mobile declined my application when I went to get this. It really feels as cheap as it looks. It was super light weight and felt extremely fragile as though it would break if I swiped too hard.

    Now that I’m apparently staying on Verizon, gonna hold out hope against hope that they actually get the balls to release a stock vanilla android device on their network. Meh, a fanboy can dream eh?

  8. wow…the nexus s is actually a BIG let down.

  9. @George,
    Not sure what you’re looking at, but the link you provided does NOT have the Nexus S on it. Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab? Yes. Nexus S? No. Mark’s link (http://goo.gl/5u4pv) confirms it as well – right from Samsung).

    That actually makes me feel better about having the Galaxy S.

  10. How can Corning not know where their products are and Samsung not know what is in their devices?

  11. @paul @bigheat The website says it does have it under samsung. Unless I imagined it

  12. @BigHeat How can we trust even Samsung to know their products? It says on Mark’s link that the Galaxy S doesn’t have Proximity, Light, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, & E-Compass Sensors, but us GS users know otherwise.

  13. @Everyone confused: No, Corning DOES NOT list the Nexus S. People need to learn to read!!!!

  14. Personally, I think the Galaxy S Fascinate is better, I wish it had a camera though, and Gingerbread. They clocked it faster,

  15. Do you people now know how to read? Or do you not realize the Galaxy S and Nexus S are 2 separate devices?
    Corning’s site clearly does NOT have the Nexus S listed.

  16. *I* was “that guy.” While it’s true that the Galaxy S phones have gorilla glass, it’s clearly not the same quality as that on the droid. The first day I had my Epic, I took it to work, bragging to co-workers about (amongst other things) its gorilla glass. “Prove it,” said my co-workers. So, I took a butter knife and stupidly, brutally scraped it across my beautiful 4 inch SAMOLED display. BAM! Scratches! Not big ones, considering I was pressing pretty hard on the screen, but tit seems quite apparent to me that there are varying qualities of gorilla glass.

    Also, the Nexus S looks like a waste of my 600+ bucks; no removable memory? Screw that.

  17. How often do you remove the memory card? I only remove it when I get a new phone. I have no need for removable memory.

  18. Wow so I guess I’ll just have to be more careful with this now oh Wellington still love my nexus s and those who say it feels cheap and plasticky obviously never held the nexus s because I have held both and they don’t feel the same at all the nexus s is heavier. The only time when nexus s felt like the vibrant was when the battery was out and speaking of battery this is going great I’m using everything and its hardly going down. The nexus s is worth EVERY penny. People assume that because they look alike and are from the same manufacturing company that they are the same but they are SO SO wrong. This certainly is NOT a galaxy s I shit you not.

  19. Nexus S and Galaxy S are not even close to the same thing. I can’t stress that enough. If you actually try it you will know what I mean.

  20. The Nexus S doesnt feel that cheap but the 2.3 Gingerbread looks cheap compared to 2.2

  21. So I wonder, does the S use gorilla glass?

  22. So if it’s not gorilla glass is it better? This contoured glass was a big deal to google(a gimmick to me). So maybe, just maybe they thought it out real well and along with contour it’s more durable. I’m looking for the silver lining in the dark cloud of disappointment(nexus s).

  23. Holding on to my N1 until we get a dual core google phone. Humingbird, meh. and with a fixed 16G internal. REALLY?!?!?!

    To me, the NS looks like marketing.
    I think they just wanted the front facing camera out on a pure google phone so you could do VIOP and videoconferencing on WIFI or cell.

    A big kick in the nads to Iphone-4.

    I can’t wait to see what comes out after CES. I hope the gloves come off then.

    Mobile phone cage fight!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. why is it so important that u must have G-Glass. u should protect ur screen anyway weather it is or not IMO.

  25. Failed

  26. Ohboy: pics please

  27. Finally went to Best Buy to check it out.. It’s a nice phone, speedy and smooth.. They had stock.. Still decided to wait.. The Best Buy salesperson told me the now standard truism “There will always be something better coming up”, and I agree with that, but I have an Android that may not be as slick, but is still just fine, and there is no hurry.. sticking to the plan to wait till Mar/Apr .. for all I know, I may end up getting this very phone then.. Not a total loss for Best Buy though, as I decided to finally replace my CRT monitor.

  28. So let’s not be that guy; but if you can’t resist the temptation please take pictures of your device and send them in so we may properly ridicule you. Friends of those needing ridicule are also welcome to send in photos, we will buy your phone at swapngreen.com I know they buy them

  29. @#18 – Michael – good for you, here’s a cookie. Now STFU.

    I use the microSD card all the time. I don’t use the front facing camera, does that mean it would be fine if the Nexus S didn’t have a front facing camera?

    I loathe companies that removes features, whether I use them or not.

    Nexus S = Nexus SHIT. No microSD card, no gorilla glass. No thanks.

  30. I wonder how tough it is. Many people thought it had Gorilla Glass and that was part of their reasoning behind not using a screen protector etc.

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