DROID 2 Now Available as ‘Certified Pre-Owned’


Looking to save $70 on the DROID 2 and don’t really care about what version it is? Has Verizon got the handset for you! Now you can get the original DROID 2 for $130 on contract, the only catch is that it is a certified pre-owned device; meaning someone else’s Cheeto stained hands were on it first.

The processor isn’t as fast, though, a sacrifice of 200MHz; but 70 extra dollars is never anything to scoff at.

Never a worry though, this device is covered with a one year warranty and gets a 30 day return policy, so you can still get the R2-D2 edition, if that’s your bag.

[via Into Mobile]

Tyler Miller

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  1. Who would ever dare to deface such a precious device with cheeto stained hands!?

  2. Pre-owned? Damnit, stop reminding me the phone company have root before I do.

  3. I wish they had a GSM version of this.

  4. Well, we have Magilla Gorilla class, so why not Chester the Cheetah glass?

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