NOOKcolor Receives Software Update


A firware patch has been released by Barnes&Nobile for the NOOKcolor. This will bring the firmware up to v1.0.1.

Barnes & Noble is providing a minor update to NOOKcolor firmware that will improve NOOKcolor’s Wi-Fi connectivity and browser experience (such as being able to easily toggle between desktop and mobile mode). The software update is available immediately via a manual download here and will also be delivered via an automatic download for devices connected to Wi-Fi®, over the next few days.

The link above will download the .zip update, for installation instructions, when applying the update OTW, read the entire notice. Or wait for it to come OTA via WiFi.

There is no word on if this update will negatively affect users who have rooted their device. Those of you who have may want to let someone else guinea pig.

[Thanks, Aaron!]

Tyler Miller

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  1. I has been a mixed bag for people over at xda. Most are fine nut a few people have had problems. Autonooter has already been updated to work on the new software.

  2. It is a good thing. The newest auto-nooter works great with it. Check the XDA forums for the Nook Color.

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