Droid 2 R2-D2 Edition Dips to $200


droid2 r2d2 price drop
With all of the other Droid 2s going for a more reasonable price, it was only a matter of time before the R2-D2 edition followed suit. Now you can get the Droid you’re looking for, for $200 on contract; versus the original $250.

It’s time C-3P0 and Mr. T get together and put out their own edition of the Droid 2.

[Story and Image via Engadget]

Tyler Miller

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  1. I like it!!! I just wish T-Mobile would have this phone available. Yeah, I know… good luck with that one…lol.

  2. I am a huge Star Wars fan, but I never saw it worth it to pay a premium for an extra (IMO crappy) coat of paint.

  3. Everybody assumes that this phone is $50 more just for the r2-d2 design, has anybody been into a store? I sell these all day long, I’m an indirect so it took forever to get them. they come with a docking station which is $40 bucks by itself, and also a decent pair of headphones, (assume at least $15). it’s also a collectors item so the extra $50 is worth it.

  4. I guess I didn’t know about the dock and earbuds, so that’s my bad. Still, I wouldn’t want the crappy (yes $$15 is crappy) earbuds or the dock really. As far as collector’s items go, a true SW collector isn’t going to want to open the thing, so they probably aren’t buying it on contract. With the way I have seen the paint rub off on these things just from going in and out of people’s pockets, this is far from collector quality IMO.

  5. i’ll sell you one for 149 ha, throw in a clear case to cover the paint

  6. Wow! Many Star Wars fan would love to have this!

  7. Collectors item? I think not. I think it is a cool concept and many sw fans including myself would love to have. I was going to buy one at verizon until I saw the price.

  8. If you live in the NE, go into a VZW store. I was in one about 2 weeks ago (when the r2d2 was still seeling for $250 online) and picked one up for $150. I mentioned that it was a great deal, considering it was the same price as a standard D2, and they said it was a special price for stores in the NE region.

  9. why not just by the D2 Global in white and order the back door from VZW for the R2D2 cover for $5. you can get the rest of the wallpapers, apps and games for free from various sites. you just don’t get the docking station or the earbuds.

  10. Love it. Would upgrade all 5 of the fams lines if upgrade date was Dec. I think it would be the perfect gift… 5 would include me :)

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