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Verizon is denying any claims that they have recalled Motorola Droid Pro and Droid 2 Global stock from Best Buy stores — for pricing issues or otherwise. It was initially reported that several BB locations were removing the phones from shelves and ceasing sales, with the finger being pointed squarely towards Verizon. The story was BB had priced VZW’s handsets a bit too low for comfort, and Big Red was reclaiming stock to make a proper profit.

But according to Verizon, that just isn’t the case:

“We can’t speak for Best Buy — but both the Droid Pro or the Droid 2 Global are popular sellers. How they manage their inventory is their business but there are no recalls on those devices.”

So the question still remains: why have some Best Buy stores been pulling their Motorola Droid stock off the sales floor?

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  1. this should really just be an update to the other post about this..

  2. @Mike – Complain, complain, complain. Let the owners/moderators of this forum/news website post and update it how they see fit. If you don’t like it, go somewhere else.

  3. I suspect verizon has stopped allowing activations of those devices from best buy locations. Best buy has set the stock aside of there own choice, but its not like they can sell them or activate them until they clear up this dispute with verizon.

  4. I work for Best Buy mobile, and I can tell you this is a Verizon problem…when we received our Droid 2 and Droid Globals, they messed up the ESN’s associated with those phones…when we would try to activate them we were unable to….

  5. VZ are profit whores, not surprised at all….

  6. thats crazy if vzw is just out for a profit…. (insert sarcasm)

  7. I was in the local BB earlier today. (New Braunfels, Tx.) I asked them where their Droid2 and X were. BB associate told us there was a problem and Verizon asked for them back.

  8. So this isn’t the case. On the clock and read an email from a district manager. Our system isn’t allowing us to do activations per Verizon. we are to quarantine the phones until, I would guess Verizon gives us the okay. Also, the phones are our products, not Verizons. We set the prices and get paid via activating. They won’t recoup any losses.

  9. This is ridiculous. Best Buy needs to just come out with an official explanation. You don’t just pull two popular phones off the shelf, and not say why.

  10. @Chris… every business is in business to make a profit or else they are a non-profit or simply go out of business. Companies cannot stay in the red for long or they must close. I don’t get why people fault companies for wanting to make the most money possible. You probably hate Apple and Microsoft too. The best companies tend to make other jealous plain and simple. If you can’t afford the best which does cost the most… go get an budget brand like Sprint or T-mobile.

  11. Motorola and Verizon have specific guidelines for advertised pricing on the two devices that Best Buy must follow. Since Best Buy advertised both phones below that price, they were in breach of the contract with VZW and Moto. Best Buy can not sell either device for 6 months. Even if they tried to sell one out of their system, the MEID would be locked and wouldn’t active on the VZW Network.

    Someone at Best Buy HQ should have looked into the allowed advertised price before the ad, now they are going to have to look for a new job.

  12. i work in best buy mobile and my verizon rep told there is something wrong with the esn and our system wont let us activate them

  13. @majik Don’t put your damn store number at the end. There are social media guidelines you have to follow. It was just in the Employee News. Don’t risk your job.

    Other than that. What problem we officially have at our store came from the MEID of the phone not matching the one on the box. They won’t activate on our system, and have been quarantined until then. Verizon putting a hold on BBM for 6 months mean death to that device.

  14. #11 seems to have some sense. Verizon doesnt make the phone or sell it to BB they buy direct from Motorola. Its just like Mac and Bose they set guidelines for the sale or use of their name and if you dont follow it there is hell to pay period. If you think that VZW is a profit hog and BB is not you need a check up from the neck up. Also keep in mind the Droid name is a trademark liscensed to verizon from lucas art and allowed to be used by Verizons dealers because they paid for it. If you notice none of the other phones got pulled like the citrus or the samsungs. I would even bet that verizon told BB that you can sell them if you want but we wont pay you the commission for the activation. In which case BB pulls them and makes up a esn story. Think about it they seem to be the only effected by this mystical meid/esn issue out of everyone who is selling this phone, come on.

  15. Related story…my daughters just got 2 Samsung Facinate touch phones and paid $300 ea. @ a Verizon store to re-activated a new 2 yr. agreement with Verizon(with a “big” $100 rebate / phone coming in the mail). Last night at Best Buy see the exact same phone for $49.95, for existing (2 yr. re-activation req.) Verizon customers (not just new activations). BB sale assoc. said the big difference is VZ rep. are on commission, BB’s are not. Back to VZ today to give them a piece of my mind, since the phones are under my plan……any suggestions? What a scam…!!

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