Google Nexus S Launches Today; Are You Buying? [Poll]



Today’s the day. Many of you have already expressed plans to be up bright and early at Best Buy (stores open at 8am local times) to get your hands on one. Others have denounced the device as a disgrace to this Nexus name. And some of you just want to wait for the dual core devices headed our way starting in 2011. Regardless, Google’s next “superphone” with Android 2.3, near field communications radios, and all sorts of other goodies will be awaiting you today for $200 on a new two-year contract. ($249.99 if you’re adding a line to an existing account, and $529.99 if you just want to walk out of the store without committing two years of your cellular life to T-Mobile.)

So who’s really buying it and who isn’t? Why don’t you want it? Do you think Google will refresh the Nexus S line once the dual core processors are ready? I contemplated buying a Nexus S myself, but I’m hearing from a trusted source of mine that Google’s still working on a dual core version. And even if they aren’t, I don’t think this release warrants dropping $500 when I already have an EVO and Epic 4G. (I’ve been up all night convincing myself not to get it, if you can’t tell.)

But we want to hear from you. Whether you voice your opinion by voting in the poll or in the comments section below, what is your take on the Nexus S? Will you be buying? If so, are you going to get it in store or online? (Don’t forget that Best Buy is offering free overnight shipping of the device if you can’t quite make it to their storefront.) And feel free to continue this discussion with more of your peers over at the Nexus S section on AndroidForums.com.

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Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Samsung Sucks in hardware once the phone is dropped a very short life is left, my wife hate me for buying her a samsung phone

  2. @Mohammed Ismail
    Beg me to correct you but Samsung never sucked in hardware, Samsung sucked in software. And Nexus S’ software will all be handled by Google…

  3. This is the best phone out for now….Just because it is stock Android…I really hope a better Vanilla Android phone is released…Dual Core Please…

  4. I have an SGS its far too similar for me to call it an upgrade. So ill stick with the sgs for now.

  5. I’ll definitely get a Nexus S. My Android friend let me played with one for a while, and I think it’s the best Android phone on the market right now. It might not have the cutting edge hardware like my current Nexus1 at launch time, but Gingerbread polish UI differentiates it from other Android phones on the market. I also suspect that it’ll replace the Nexus1 as the first phone to get future Android OS updates. That and the stock Google Experience phone is important for me.

  6. My cousin is getting me one in the US and bringing it to the UK. If I don’t like the phone, I can easily sell it, as in the UK they will sell for 549 GBP which is 856 USD!

  7. Great Phone! Again with T-UNmobile!

  8. The Samsung hardware does suck. It’s a very cheaply made plastic phone. Why does Europe get all the nice aluminum clad phones while we get this cheap plastic junk? I can’t get over how the Galaxy S line feels like a toy in your hand. I want a phone with some substance.

  9. I’m still liking my Evo too much to switch, although I do admit that I like the shape of the Nexus S.

  10. I’m gonna wait two weeks (broke anyways because of the Christmas shopping) to see if any faults surface. I wish I did a little research before buying my crappy N1. An SGS with no logos on the front bezel, dual cameras (US), and stock Gingerbread? Big upgrade from my N1. Now what do I do with my N1…….

  11. Up early about to head to BestBuy VZ bill in hand for number transfer. Good bye Moto Droid hello sammy!!

  12. I see an option that says it is not a good enough upgrade but who said I have to give up my Nexus One with Gingerbread just because I buy this phone. I like shiny new things :P

  13. My Girlfriend LOVES her Samsung phone. I don’t know what else to say haha. She has 2 college degrees :) and is extremely beautiful.

  14. I suggest everybody to wait and read some real user opinion before running to buy it.
    The Nexus One itself at the end was not a so big revolution and for sure not a so great piece of HW and SW…
    Multitouch, battery life…

  15. eddie… ill buy u your n1 :)

  16. At the time of the N1’s release it was the nicest FEELING phone. Material quality was very nice and it’s still one of the top android phones out there.

  17. That phone is uglyer than my neighbors dog and thats an ugly mut y didnt they stick with the galaxy s stlye

  18. Wish something like this would come to Verizon. Too bad they have their heads too far up motos ass. what a shame

  19. No SD Card slot = Dealbreaker.

  20. With out a SD slot and only 3G that sucks!!!! I’ll stick with my G2 that had 4G and all the fun stuff.

  21. Nope, love my G2 too much. If it had the keyboard the Epic has, I’d have waited and picked this up. The only benefit I can see with this phone is the updates will be first, but Google already said future updates are going to slow down.

  22. i’m coming to NY in January, if no dual-core phone was released with stock android was released then i think im going to get this, though its not much of an update from the N1

  23. I went to the bestbuy store, they tried to sell me the full priced phone…they had only 4 of them and were basically catering to full price offers than upgraders like me, so i went to the mall and it was closed so i was like FUCK THIS.

  24. Whats up with the 4G web access plan you are required to get when you order online through bestbuy.com?

    I thought the Nexus S didnt have 4g. Anyone?

  25. I’m staying with my nexus one. It’s better build quality and to be honest I was expecting a 4g nexus phone. So I will wait until next year and see what google releases by then. Anyways the nexus one has better build quality than the plasticky nexus s.

  26. Here is a good review of it:


    Seems that it’s just not good enough. Any new phone that I buy must have an aluminum case, dual core chip and 3.0.

  27. Got One….

  28. i’m on the fence… really tempted… would mean paying etf to at&t…. but would also mean getting out from at&t… ugh

  29. No dual core, no NVIDIA, megapixels aren’t high enough (5 for back and vga for the front?! And you call this the superphone and an upgrade to the Nexus One? Yeah right…), very plasticky, no gorilla glass, no dual Xenon flash, doesn’t record 1080p (the phone doesn’t even record 720p!!!) and lastly for now is the lack of better mp3 player…so my answer is NO, there is no need to upgrade. I’m happy with my HTC Droid Incredible even though the battery sucks but even so, this phone is, in my opinion, the best phone I’ve owned.

  30. maybe if it was on verizon but not going to switch carriers for it

  31. The Nexus S is clearly the best Phone out there. But like the Nexus 1, it is going to fail! I am not quite sure what Google is doing with these phones, the person in charge of marketing should be fired. Only the 60,000 or so people who follow the Android blogs knows about this phones and those are the only ones who bought the Nexus one. The problem is that many of these people know what phones are out there and the new phone that are soon to come out and are opting not to buy this phone. How can you have such a great phone with so many features and not advertise it on TV? The I phone’s success is not because it is a nice phone, it is because Apple and ATT spent millions of dollars telling people about it on TV. Look at the success of the Motorola Droid (thank you Motorola and Verizon for telling the world what Droid does… the Android platform might have been like the palm (DOA)) The Droid line would not have been successful without the TV ad blitz. The one common thing about these two phones is that the two companies started TV ads introducing these products to the masses before the phones came out, and they advertised even more the phones did come out. Google seemed content with Website ad banner which they used for the failed Nexus 1. The problem with that is that all these new smart phones look alike and most people just move right along.

    I have see best buy ads for the other phones in the last couple of days but have not seen one for this phone. Why? Samsung is spending millions advertising their other phones on TV but I am yet to see one for the Nexus S…. And Google? A you tube video will not sell this fantastic product for you. Only people who already know about this phone will look for it (60,000 people)You need to advertise and let the masses know about this new phone. How can you have such a phone with NFC, the Gingerbread speed, the first phone sent to space and back and all the wonderful features of the phone and not tell people about it? Can you imagine if the NFC technology is on the Iphone? That is all you’ll see on their TV ads. They will tell and show you how the I phone is revolutionizing phones as we know it.

    Ok so we have it at best buy( big improvement over the Google store) but best buy is not advertising this phone on TV.

  32. No HSPA+ = No Deal

  33. Bought it!

  34. Eh, going to wait for a real next generation phone. Hopefully by someone else than Samsung. And Al, two degrees doesn’t make a good endorsement. I’ve work with PhD’s that couldn’t figure out how to cross the street without getting run over most days. :P

  35. No Verizon no dice!

  36. Holding one in my hands right now… and it feels GREAT.

  37. I went to Best Buy yesterday and played with it. I have the Nexus One and I don’t feel the need to buy that plastic piece of garbage. I’m sure there will be many people who do and for them it will be fine but the name Nexus in my mind means cutting edge software (check: Gingerbread), hardware(fail: Plastic), experience(fail: No 4G). So for us geeks on a Android forum (cell phone OS forum) it won’t cut it.

  38. I just demoed it and it is fast, wish i could afford it.

  39. No SD slot, no HSPA+, plastic case, no LED trackball and they expect me to pay for this? Hope you early adopters get a GPS that works. I’ll hold out for a Tegra powered phone.

  40. Bought it at 8:01 love it.. I will be putting the N1 back in its box

  41. Going to try and wait for the hype and price to die down. Lots of other phones to be announced at CES. Sprint contract up in March. If Samsung brings 2.3 to the Epic I’ll have a very similar phone. Then again we’re still waiting for Froyo which makes me want the Nexus S that much more.

  42. I am headed out to buy one now. My local BB is not a T-mobile retailer so they will only sell it unlocked.
    Not a big deal to me as I will be returning it before the 30 days is up anyway.
    Or I will check an see how much they are going for on Ebay!!

  43. @twenty4
    then why waste that much money?

  44. no thanks no 4g no duel core

  45. @slayer
    Dual not duel

  46. Sticking with my trusty N1 for now

  47. @Chris

    To play with it for a few days to see the differences with 2.3.

  48. It’s not a waste when I can return it or sell it for a profit.

  49. @twenty4 so you waste being locked into a 2 year contract and then have to get a different phone for maybe a 100 profit? seems like a waste to me

  50. just order one online! I don’t care it is plasticky, my only worry though is that it breaks/stops functioning if it drops… cause let’s face it, even when treated with the utmost care, at some point cellphones fall down!
    I leave in Italy, so the lack of HSPA+ doesn’t matter, never were a big camera/video camera person, so 5MP and 720×480 is more than enough for the once in a while photo/movie… The only thing that bothers me is the 16 GB built-in without SD slot, at least they could have put a 32 GB considering there’s no SD slot! But overall, I am quite excited! Especially for stock Gingerbread and Google’s handling of it: fastest upgrade, plenty of security patches and other little upgrades that will handle any issue that might come up!

  51. Every Cell has a 30 day return policy where you can return the phone and get out of the contract.

  52. “cell company”

  53. samsung cant compete with htc there hardware is terrible.. all of the galaxy phones are glitch peices of shit… htc should be making the nexus II not samsung they can kiss my ass

  54. @twenty4
    but if you return it then you arent making any profit and I guess I would just spend my money on a phone im going to keep for more than a few days

  55. waiting for the lg star …….

  56. Doesn’t have 4G speeds

  57. @Joe
    same here cant wait hopefully it gets released on verizon

  58. To everyone complaining about the cheap plastic on the SGS’s, I have an Epic 4G, have dropped it a couple of times (no case, hate the added bulk), and the phone has not had any damage whatsoever. If it was as cheaply made as you guys make it sound, it would have broken into pieces the first time I dropped it. The screen is in perfect condition and the body doesn’t have a single scratch. Can’t say the same about my old Sprint HTC Hero, looked more sturdy, but by the time I upgraded (11 months), the screen was all scratched up, the body looked like crap and the keys were peeling off. So lay off Samsung and the Nexus S, it should hold off pretty well.

  59. @juandroid
    how do you know in 11 months the epic wont look like that? you have had it for a few months at most so thats not much of a comparison comparing something you had for almost a year to something you have had for a few months

  60. BOUGHT..dual core this n that..nothing is ever good enough for some..u guys complain about every single phone thaet is released..nothing is perfect

  61. @Chris My hero started looking crapish a couple months after I got it. I had a friend whose buttons were peeling off within a couple of months (mine took a little longer, about 6 months). The reason why the Hero ended up so bad was because the plastic dented in on impact, unlike the Epic which just bounces off. I have seen the same issue on the Nexus One, a friend of mine dropped his and it got dented and scratched.

  62. I bought my Nexus One because I knew then it was a phone I could keep for at least two years. I must admit, I was tempted by the Nexus S to change those plans, but in the end, it’s just a slight incremental upgrade in a few areas (and a downgrade in others). Not worth it for me. I’ll wait for the next Nexus and re-evaluate then.

  63. Samsung phones feel like cheap plastic(see Galaxy S series, and Omnia Series). Also, this is not much different from the Galaxy S phones that were available several months ago. It also doesn’t have 4G, and no memory card slot. That’s a fail, imo.

  64. all the Samsung hate is pathetic. We’ve got a HUGE WORLD KNOWN BRAND who are jumping full throttle behind android and yet people still insist on moaning.

    The Nexus S is the best phone out at the moment bar none.

    Everyone going on about the crappy build quality is confusing TASTE and PREFERENCE to ACTUAL QUALITY. The thing is extremely light and solid and very sturdy. But people are so gullible and think just because something is heavier and has a metallic surface it makes it better quality! Laughable! Lets look at HTC shall we – TERRIBLE speaker in N1, TERRIBLE digitizer under the screen, POOR battery life, my battery cover doesn’t line up flush with the casing on the top right of both the N1’s i’ve had (screen smashed on the first one but it was my fault i dropped it). Not to mention the snapdragon cpu in the N1 has a poor GPU. Also there were screens popping off the EVO. Battery life on the Desire HD is appalling as well. The N1 shows dents and scratches badly as well. Plus they’ve ditched the cool trackballs for cheaper optical ones. And how the capicitive buttons alignment issue on the N1 got past quality control i’ll never know.

    I love my N1 though, but people need to be a bit more objective about these things and not just mindlessly support one company and slag off another. Seems like people love to rave about HTC and love to hate samsung.

    Don’t forget the Nexus S will have the best screen on ANY phone, and it’s curved – how cool is that? BEST processor on any phone out there by far – it’s a HUGE upgrade from the N1 in that regard. Plus you will probably be able to hear it ring or play videos. Only thing i am going to miss is my coloured trackball.

  65. no 4g is not a dealbreaker as well surely? there’s hardly any coverage available in the US yet anyway. Plus i know most of you people are in America – but remember this is being pushed in the UK as well – 4g doesn’t even exist here or anywhere else in the world just yet.

    And no sd card is a bit strange i admit that, but realistically when you think about it, 16gb is a hell of a lot. Why would you need more? You don’t get anywhere near good enough sound quality from a phone to use it as a primary mp3 player, not to mention it’ll suck your battery. The internal memory on the N1 sucked ass as well.

    i wish people would get behind the Nexus S – it really is a great all round package which could really be big for android i feel.

    Here’s a photo of a full page ad on the entire front and back of a national newspaper here in the England btw:


  66. @juandroid
    Hopefully your keys wont peel off on your epic ;)

    Also, i think ill hold off…just waiting for big red to make something thatll make me weep

  67. I’m still very happy with my Nexus One. This is the longest time I’ve had a single smartphone without seriously considering upgrading. Strange.

    It would be nice if the N1 had more internal storage, but that’s a fairly minor issue. It’s certainly fast enough for me, and I don’t care about NFC, and I like still being able to tether on T-Mobile (although who knows how long that’ll last). And when Gingerbread comes out for it, even better.

  68. I want to but into the Nexus S hype but it lacks a few important things like SUPPORTING TMOBILES 4G network. Thats the major killer. Plus, according to what i read the Nexus S is already showing hardware problems. You can check it out yourself at http://getyourgadgetsgoing.com/2010/12/16/nexus-s-already-seeing-problems/

  69. Was gonna buy it today. Got there, had some in stock, ZERO lines. And that was at 9a too. Unfortunately T-Mobile decided they’re too good for me. Even though I’ve been with Verizon for just about THREE years. Credit was WAY worse then when I joined Big Red than it is now. Yet T-Mobile wanted to stick me on a Flex-Pay plan and have me pay the full cost of the phone. Gee T-Mobile, if I could afford to do that I would have cause there’s nothing I hate more than being locked in a contract.

    So here I am sans Nexus-S but not by choice. Here’s hoping Verizon will man up this time around and get it and I’ll just upgrade to it. Hey, a fanboy can dream right?

  70. I think the difference here, is like what Dave brought up.. When I buy, I look at it as a phone I will have for 2 years. A lot of people here phone hop, many several times a year. As I haven’t seen it in person yet, or played with the software, I can’t judge whether or not I would believe that it would last me 2 years. This phone holds some interest for me but I think I am going to wait to see what happens with the new Motorola dual, and hopefully something from HTC that’s dual.. going to pass for now. They will keep selling them, and they will still be there a few months from now.

  71. What the fuck is everyones deal complaining about it not having aluminum?? Do you realize how fucking fragile Aluminum is compared to plastic?? Build quality does not equate to what materials are used but how durable it is and how long it will last! The reason they use plastic is for better durability why the fuck do you think the Motorola Defy is made of rubber and not metal?? hmm could it be that metal is NOT better? hmm I fucking wonder. And just because its made of plastic does not equate to horrible hardware. You people are something else.

  72. @tristan
    good old samsung they should have stuck with HTC
    just because you drop the f bomb multiple times in your post doesnt make you sound smart it makes you sound like a stupid child. Clean up your language you may have a point but no need for all of the swearing. They really need to start monitoring this with people acting the way you do.

  73. @2FR35H That’s what I’ve been saying, this whole plastic hating deal is non-sense, my Epic 4G is the most durable (so far) phone I’ve ever owned. The only negative I’ve found with it is Samsung Software support, but with this phone, that’s a non-issue.

  74. Google is not expecting to sell 12 million Nexus S devices. They are just trying to keep the market high on Android. Don’t get confused: this is a developer phone first, a consumer phone second. Google is supplying phones via Best Buy for consumers and Devs to have easier access to the device. That’s why we haven’t seen TV commercials and such. They want to sell the phone, but they are not worried about selling millions. Because there are very few phones out currently that utilize stock android (N1 and G2) i am happy that Google decided to give us this gem. Oh and internal flash memory makes the device work faster when it has to access applications and media that utilize memory.

  75. What’s the deal with the pricing? The phone is $529 off contract or $199 with a contract. T-Mobile charges $200 to cancel a contract (within the first 18 months, anyway), so you could buy the phone for $200, cancel your contract for $200, and effectively have an off-contract phone for $400 instead of $530. What gives?

  76. Does no one realize that plastic is not cheap hardware? It has cheap casing. Complete and total difference.

  77. No retail NO CONTRACT for no other carrier than T-Mobile ?? I cannot spend my %=$500 for a Verizon model ???Someone please let me know ? I can’t get away fro verizon YET so I do not want to use any subsidy to get a phone.I’ll buy the Verizon phone at retail and as soon as they make a contract change or contract expires I’ll switch by selling the V model and buying a X model..haven’t decided who I hate the least right now I think I hate sprint and verizon the most with all the required packages and billing issues… oh let’s not forget CRAP-WARE -NON REMOVABLE

  78. I have a Galaxy S Vibrant running GingerClone 2.2. I see no reason to upgrade.

    1) FFC. Who cares? Nobody I know does video calls, and even if they did, I wouldn’t want them to see my ugly face.

    2) Curved glass. Okay? And?

    3) NFC. Easier for thieves to get my credit card info.

    4) No SD Slot. I like having the extra 8GB from my memory card to store anime on, and keep music on the internal 16gb (13gb really) storage.

    So really…. this to me seems like a DOWNGRADE due mostly to the loss of the SD slot. Samsung phones are so easily rooted, that the Galaxy/Vibrant’s bloatware is no big deal.

  79. Looks good… I’ll definitely get one… Thanks for the blog…

    still UNCLEAR..the screen is WORSE than the Galaxy ? easy to root ,yes. CAN YOU REMOVE THE VERY BUTTONS THAT CAUSE CONSTANT LOST CALLS?NO! Do I want yet another ‘smart phone’ that is worse than what we had, AND DOES LESS for ALLOT MORE than what we could do WITHOUT CHARGE IN THE 90’s .. Until Americans start voting with their wallets we WILL have cheap , bloat loaded , un viewable in daylight, poorly designed advertising vehicles for the carriers. AS for Google? I think they know where their bread is buttered and probably are afraid to build a real competitor OR are THEY REALLY AS STUPID AS THE REST OF America…time WILL TELL. for NOW, after 25 years of pure cell , I am buying a Walmart cell and getting out of this useless time consuming Microsoft-like game..Keep it.again, less for more never appealed to me..I could do everything from texting, send faxes form my PC , color screen EASILY viewed in direct sunlight,standardized chargers and data cables etc..today? buy a $500 phone and spend another $200 on all the above ..keep them I’m fed up and I AM VOTING with my wallet ..good luck kids I been down this road far too many times..As far as rooting-can you remove the VISUAL VOICEMAIL button that keeps terminating calls ? answer NO..Can you remove the text button ( this is also a duplicate of the ‘hard ‘button on the bottom of the phone that causes lost calls NO– so yes the phone is easily rooted BUT that doesn’t solve all the issues..THEY WANT you to hit the wrong buttons and eventually you WILL press the wrong reply and have to spend another hour on hold to have that service removed .it’s an old game that YOU keep playing buy purchasing all the crap they want to shove down your throat..There is not one person on this blog who can’t design the ALMOST perfect phone in 10 minutes..anyone care to do the math and tell me why these multi billion dollar corps fail so miserably?? Oh, NO SD SLOT -that alone is a deal killer for me and actually in today’s world a minimum of 32 gb..
    We are just so close to being able to reduce all the burden of carrying a GPS, camera, PDA, flashlight, voice recorder, documents, and for simple tasks laptops etc along with all the support for each such as cases, cables, chargers batteries etc Why the choke hold fools ~! Yo have it made JUST STOP THE GREED no one is opposed to paying we just want to make a phone call and not drop it cause you want to shove yet another useless $1.99/mo sale down our throats.

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