HTC Desire Free Through End of Year at TELUS



The once supply-crushing HTC Desire may have given way to its beefier brothers, the Desire Z and HD, but it is still one of the better Android phones available throughout the world today. If you’re in Canada and looking for the most bang for your buck in an Android handset, TELUS has got you one hundred percent covered. We’re talking the most bang for no bucks at all, as the original HTC Desire is now free on a three-year contract until the end of 2010.

In case it sways you, the Desire has as good a chance as any at getting the Android 2.3 update due to its spec sheet matching identically in nearly everyone way to the Nexus One.

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  1. Desire rocks, real buttons, no soft touch crap, also I got Froyo on mine (european model) way before any US handset sans N1 (well, Evo got served a couple days later)…

  2. Well, Telus did a less than terrible job of getting FroYo out on this guy, even though it was months later than Europe (actually, they didn’t even release the phone until months after Europe got FroYo on it).
    Maybe the Canadian carriers are finally starting to get it?
    So yes, hope for Gingerbread, but I’d definitely make a point of asking about, and trying to get some kind of commitment, before signing a three-year contract.

  3. Not free as in free beer! Not free at all! You must purchase a 3 year slave contract including an over priced canadian data plan. Not even anything resembling close to free.

    And forget about the possiblity to buy out the contract at a reasonable price. It’s $20 per month x 36months!

    I just bought an LG-P500h outright from them for $200 with no slave terms. No over priced data plan required. It’s an amazing phone for the price and does everything I need.

  4. where do I get a screen cover and a case to protect from scratches.local source store too high.

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