Pictures Taken with the Motorola MB860 (Olympus)?



It’s that time of the week again: Another Picasa spotting shows pictures taken from an unannounced device. This time, someone’s gotten their hands on the Motorola MB860 – what we know to be the Motorola Olympus headed for AT&T. The picture quality isn’t anything to gawk at, but it does look as fine as you’d expect from the high quality sensors Motorola uses. And no offense to the lucky soul who took this photo, but that cupcake looks horrible. Happy birthday, anyway! [via LimitlessDroid]

[PS: Limitless Droid didn’t link to the photo on Picasa, but a picture from the same device snapped an internal screen from Motorola. Safe to say that these might be from the Olympus.]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. looks alot better than my dx

  2. Picada…

  3. I really look forward to hearing more about this phone.. Still think that the “Olympus” name is going to be dropped. Olympus is a camera manufacturer. unless a deal has been struck that the camera on it is an Olympus camera, I don’t see how this can stand.

  4. Thanks for the write up guys, and that cupcake does look nasty!

  5. the funny thing is i think its a muffin not a cupcake

  6. I think encino42 is right. Looks fine for a muffin.

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