Tour Manhattan in 3D with the New Google Maps [Video]



Want a clearer vision of the new 3D vector graphics in the upcoming Gingerbread version of Google Maps? Google has done the dirty work and uploaded a quick little view of Manhattan using the new feature. See buildings spring up before your very eyes as we pan around Central Park. We are hesitant about this new feature for two main reasons, the first being processing power demands, and the second being we don’t understand how seeing the height of buildings necessarily makes navigating any easier. We’ll assume the Big G did their homework and those concerns will be minor. Check it out below.

[via TalkAndroid]

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  1. Huh?? How often have you needed a visual/landmark?? Should this cause problems, one could bet, Google will revert back to the current version until whatever concerns are satiated. This should be looked upon as a Progressively good thing-turn by turn was a huge advancement & doubt that this will be nothing less!

  2. This is good all and all but are the phones that’s currently out right now prepared for it? Some phones might not have the processing power to handle the demands and might compromise loading times and we might even see a lot of foreclosures…

  3. @triplexxx

    You don’t get it.

    The whole reason why GMaps 5.0 will be better is because it will be using vectors instead of static images thus improving speed, less data transfer and the option to save maps offline.

  4. “we don’t understand how seeing the height of buildings necessarily makes navigating any easier.”

    Really? In a complex environment it doesn’t help you to have more clues about what is where??? I can think of many occasions when this would have been incredibly helpful… e.g. when looking for a landmark that is right behind a large building…

    Also, from what I’ve read, the feature will only be available on phones that have the horsepower to run it. It really shouldn’t be that heavy of a GPU load as it’s doing less than a moderate to high end 3D game and those run fine on many of today’s phones.

    I would expect that a lot of use might be bad for your battery though…

  5. One thing I have not seen mentioned anywhere, do they have 3d buildings for the whole world, or is this a feature that will roll out slowly?

  6. Agreed with comments and agreed with comments.

    Maybe a CPU hog but well worth it if needed.

  7. I bet much of what we are seeing with the buildings is just another layer that can be turned on and off – similar to traffic and satellite…

  8. @ triplexxx
    I assume the feature can be turned off should you so desire.

  9. So does this only work in select areas? Or everywhere?

  10. NEAT! I’d assume it’d only selected MAJOR metro areas..

  11. It will only come in cities where there are all the building footprints information.

  12. It looks like it’s not going to come into play until you zoom in quite a bit or something. Besides, it’s Google MAPS not Navigation. Probably won’t even bother our navigation.

  13. I think I still like satellite view better

  14. In specific regards to Manhattan and NYC in general; I wouldn’t worry about the vector graphics. Anyone who has ever (tried) to use a GPS system in NYC knows what I’m talking about. Your GPS system spends more time trying to figure out where the hell it is than navigating you, I don’t care what system you use. Due to the tall buildings, very closely parallel roads and a lot of areas where there are other roads above and below you, your GPS system spends a lot of time renavigating or figuring out where you are. I’m sure some poster will come along who has a magic GPS that navigates flawlessly thru NYC, under the ocean, and on Mars (there’s always at least one) . To them, in advance, I say “bullshit”.

  15. Also, I agree with riz; I prefer the satellite view.

  16. as long as you’re able to turn this 3d thing off, i think it’s really cool. if not, it’s going to get really annoying…

  17. one suggestion for all you haters… don’t upgrade lol

  18. iPhone had this for months

  19. how long until there’s enough 3d data outside of the US to make this worthwhile?

  20. So the iPhone has had a feature that never existed? @ cali

  21. and how could iphone have had this for months if google has yet to release it…. ?

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