Dec 13th, 2010


Stream TV Networks has announced availability of their eLocity A7 tablet. Starting today, a number of retailers are offering the 7-inch Tegra 2 device (some big names such as Amazon, TigerDirect, Sears, MicroCenter, WalMart, and NewEgg are in on it) and the lowest I’ve seen it for is $369 (Amazon). Not a bad deal for a dual-core device that comes with Android 2.2, HDMI-out, a standard USB port, and a microSD card slot to add up to 32GB of storage to the 4GB of internal memory. Pre-orderers should be expecting it on their doorsteps any day now while the rest of you will have to keep an eye on the aforementioned retailers as they expect to start selling it sometime this week.

[Update]: Even cheaper at BJS – $70 less than what Amazon has it for! You’ll need to buy it before December 18th if you want it at this price, though, so make no delay if you were planning on pulling the trigger.

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