eLocity A7 Tegra 2 Tablet Shipping from $370



Stream TV Networks has announced availability of their eLocity A7 tablet. Starting today, a number of retailers are offering the 7-inch Tegra 2 device (some big names such as Amazon, TigerDirect, Sears, MicroCenter, WalMart, and NewEgg are in on it) and the lowest I’ve seen it for is $369 (Amazon). Not a bad deal for a dual-core device that comes with Android 2.2, HDMI-out, a standard USB port, and a microSD card slot to add up to 32GB of storage to the 4GB of internal memory. Pre-orderers should be expecting it on their doorsteps any day now while the rest of you will have to keep an eye on the aforementioned retailers as they expect to start selling it sometime this week.

[Update]: Even cheaper at BJS – $70 less than what Amazon has it for! You’ll need to buy it before December 18th if you want it at this price, though, so make no delay if you were planning on pulling the trigger.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Might want to fix the price in the article. $3609? :)

  2. You messed up on the price, just FYI. Is it $369 or $3609? If it’s the latter, I hope that’s in Yen.

  3. I think you have a typo regarding the price – $3609! Or at least I hope so!

  4. $370 does seem pretty good for a no contract tegra 2 tablet. I’m still holding out for honey comb on a tablet before I jump in

  5. Out of stock at amazon. Looks like vaporware.

  6. Has anyone used it?? whats it like? touchscreen responsive?

  7. Just ordered one from BJ’s for $299. Considering that I was almost tempted to order a color Nook, happy to pay $50 more for a device with these stats. I hope the XDA guys are buying a couple too. Love to see this rooted by the time my delivery arrives.

    The good thing about is that the Tegra 2 is just hitting the market, so it won’t be obsolete in 2-3 months.

  8. Wow this looks much better than Archos 70

    Too bad I already have the 70 though.. getting out dated pretty fast, but expected

    Looks good for a 7 inch

  9. Or get the G-Tablet for $379 (279 if you can find one at a Sears outlet) with 10″ screen and Tegra2. completely unlocked, great playground if you like to tinker! The chefs @ xda already have a couple great ROMs and CM6.1 has already been ported

  10. Not multi-touch, fail!

  11. @teckel: where do you see that it does not support multitouch?

  12. @lost: On their own web site. It says single touch with pinch zoom gesturing. Basically, this is like a poor-man’s multi-touch, it will kind of work for simple zoom gestures, but won’t be real accurate and won’t work at all for things like games that have on screen multi-touch interfaces.

  13. @Dave: do you even know what vaporware means? If review websites are all saying the Elocity A7 tablet is SHIPPING, then it’s NOT vaporware.

    @teleknesis: yes, the G-Tablet is great but I heard LCD viewing angle is quite bad. Shame, Tegra 2 too!

    @teckel: hmm, interesting point. All websites say it’s a capacitive multi-touch screen though. Not sure who to believe. Could be a simple misprint on eLocity’s website.. fingers crossed.

  14. BJ’s price is great… if you don’t get charged tax. Otherwise it comes out to $350 shipped… Amazon have it for $356 shipped (+tax if applicable, fortunately NJ is tax-free :P) so I’m ordering from Amazon :)

    TigerDirect also have it for $350 shipped (+tax). You can get $5 off if you use Google Checkout.

  15. From an Amazon review from someone who actually has the eLocity A7…

    “- Pinch-to-zoom doesn’t work particularly well. Seemed to always go way too far in or out. You’re better off just double-tapping.”

    This is exactly what you experience with a single touch screen that has pinch gesturing ability instead of a true multi-touch display. If it wasn’t for the lack of multi-touch, I would be putting in a pre-order on this device. But, without multi-touch, I won’t touch it (you see what I did there?)

  16. Bought one of these and I think they are pretty good for the money paid (it’s not an iPad however). I did have a hard time finding a case for it. However, found a small company that makes a pretty good sleeve for this unit and sells them for only $8.95 with free freight at

    By the same token, if anyone knows of where I can buy a case (not a sleeve) that is a good fit for this eLocity unit, please let me know.


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