Motorola’s Honeycomb Tablet Joins Blurrycam Club


Almost a week ago we got a look at Andy Rubin playing with a mystery tablet. Now we’re treated with blurrycam pictures of the hottest Android device currently in the rumor mill.

Here are the details we have so far (subject to change):

  • Motorola
  • Honeycomb
  • 10 inches
  • 1GHz Tegra 2 T20
  • Gyroscope
  • 32GB of storage
  • 1280 x 800 screen resolution
  • 512MB RAM
  • MicroSD card slot (See, Samsung, they’re still in style.)
  • microUSB jack
  • mini HDMI port
  • 3.5mm headphone jack

Possible names for this device are Stingray, Everest or Trygon.

Engadget has some more pictures of the device; seven total, to be exact.

[via Engadget]

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  1. Plus, its going to Verizon… Top right of the tablet

  2. The details are subject to change. Is it safe to say that “Motorola” will be changed to something else? :P

  3. ITs not and official google dev tablet

  4. that looks very very similar to the Gtablet… minus honeycomb, but the way xda is.. i should have it soon

  5. aspect ratio fail

  6. looks like a front faceting camera… could be a spec though

  7. @mike

    It might not be, but it must be good and important if Andy Rubin is testing Honeycomb on it and carrying it around with him.

  8. I wish they would up the ram to 1gb. I currently have a Acer Liquid 256mb Android phone and already I am seeing the limitations to the lack of ram with every iteration of Android since the phones release.

    512mb is pretty much std right now… but already some vendor are releasing 1gb ram models like Notion Ink. For me this would be the decider.

    Maybe 1gb is over kill but I rather have more than less.

  9. I like it. Can’t wait to pick this up. If Honeycomb is all its cracked up to be. I will pick up a wifi model.

  10. Ugh, looks like it’s going to Verizon which doesn’t bode well for a WIFI only version. WTF Google?!

    I swear if we don’t get a decent quality Android Honeycomb tablet that’s WIFI only and not carrier bound soon then I’m jumping ship to those fruity guys I like to talk smack about so much.

    Sorry Google… No WIFI only, NO deal. I don’t care HOW good the tablet is.

  11. @Terromaster
    Yeah, that’s my issue too. I WANT a tablet, and I’m willing to see what 2011 brings. But if by summer of ’11 a known brand (worried about all these brands no one’s heard of) doesn’t make a wifi only tablet, then I’ll have to look at an 2nd gen iPad, even though I hate Apple.

  12. @CurrentWeb: Yeah and I think part of the problem is definitely Google. They seem to want everyone connected to a carrier. The fact that a 3G or carrier radio is required hardware to feature the Market app on any Android device screams this loudly – which is one of the main reasons you don’t see the Market included on the existing off-brand Android tablets out the box. Unfortunately I don’t see any signs of this changing anytime soon either.

  13. First of all, can I just get a damn release date already! The suspense is killing me.

    Secondly, Google has absolutely nothing to do with the lack of a wi-fi only version. Motorola wants it to be carrier branded, since they know Verizon is going to market the hell out of this thing, as being one of the first BIG “4G” product launches. Moto releasing a wi-fi only version would just mean they would have to market and sell it themselves.

  14. I am fully comitting myself to buy this product.. (wifi version) This is what I have been waiting for. I’m glad I didnt jump ship with the Galaxy tab.

  15. @CurrentWeb
    Archos and Viewmaster already make some decent WiFi tablets, although they’re not Honeycomb. I’m not sure if the Viewmaster one has been released yet, but it’s actually Tegra 2… Amazon has it listed.

  16. **ViewSONIC, not Viewmaster. Thinking back to the old days with those Viewmaster toys. o.O

  17. @ckeegan: for the record I’m not AGAINST 3G/4G only. The point is I don’t need it. I’m never in a situation where I don’t have WIFI access and ABSOLUTELY need to be on the internet. If I’m that desperate I’ll tether off my phone via the hot-spot. So with that in mind it’s really about cost vs function.

    Considering that the Nexus S is over $500 for a 4″ screen off contract I can’t imagine this coming in with a 10″ screen cheaper than that without a contract.

    Because of my needs and the way I intend to use the device I really don’t want to pay more than $500 for a 10″ tablet. Anymore than that and I really might as well just stick to my laptop or buy an iPad. And I don’t want to add yet another data device on to my plan just to drive the cost of the initial investment down.

    Also I feel it’s more than just Motorola pushing for the carrier branding. I think Google has a LOT to do with it or they wouldn’t have that silly 3G radio restriction to get Android Market on the device. Motorola wouldn’t need to market it, Google would much like they were planning on doing with the Nexus One (which was HTC branded yet we didn’t see THAT one stores either).

  18. @Evan S.: Both of those devices are NOT very user friendly right out the box.

    I was considering the Archos 101 for a while until I learned that its app space memory was limited and filled up quick (256mb if I remember). Also Market is not available out the box, it has to be sideloaded with a hack. And it’s not a pure vanilla android experience. It’s been pretty clear that Google wants hardware mfgs to play the carrier game to play ball with the market and official google apps.

    The Archos 101 IS actually a good example of a fairly decent (I’d say great if it had more memory for apps) wifi only Android tablet that’s also priced right. I can almost guarantee you that the price for the 32gig model would jump from $350 to $600-$700 just by adding a 3G radio on it. And when the component in question goes for around $40-50 bucks… Well, don’t get me started on the whole carrier/manufacturer subsidy conspiracy.

  19. If the Ipad is wifi we should have a wifi version it is BS that they will not have one. I have been debating the last couple of days to get a Ipad because I want a wifi only version. To be Honest I dont have the extra money to dish out to verizon or any company on a data plan its stupid I would just buy a laptop and not pay a nickel for coverage. And I think your wrong about marketing becasue since this device will be so hyped up it don’t matter if it is wifi only or 4g only it will only increase sales for both of them. SO to be honest again they would be stupid not to make a wifi only brand to target their other customers. But then again I wouldn’t be surprised if they didnt cause there all assholes then we all would have to go buy an Ipad.

  20. Wanna get GSM version!!

  21. I’m pretty sure the SD-Less Memory wasn’t Samsung’s idea. That SD cardless thing was a Google I guarantee it.

  22. Im in the market for an Android tablet but I cant set my mind to one target since every week there is are news of another one coming out anytime soon.
    I want the one with:
    No contract (wifi only is good since I can tether),
    More than the resolution of the G2 and have all the sensors,
    A capable dual/single cpu and gpu to out score the G2 @ 1.5Ghz in every benchmark.
    I dont care if it’s 2.2 or 2.3 as long as Devs are dying to mod and support it.

  23. I too would like it to have 1ghz ram

    but otherwise this seems like a sweet machine.

    Wonder if I can get it outside of the US?

  24. I tried the Archos 70 which was nice but limited to Android 2.1 (until now but 2.2 has broken quite a lot of other things or so I’m hearing). I then tried an Advent Vega which has the Tegra 2 as well. Nice, once it’s hacked to use the market and standard android and its wifi only at £250 so you can’t complain about that. However, after trying all this I just find things aren’t ready in the Android world for a tablet yet. You can’t do everything that you can on a netbook so you just have another middle sized device in your bag. I think we’re a way off having any tablet that can replace either your phone (unlikely) or your netbook (no way just yet). In other words its a useful internet/ebook/game device and little else.

  25. when motorola makes the developer phone / tab is when i go to ios

  26. I can’t wait for moto to get the developer phone. Not a fan of the plastic crap samsung and htc make. I want some quality hardware ty.

  27. Specs are still “meh”. Tablets really have to start stepping it up. They are competing with netbooks that in essence are 3x more powerful for half the cost. We need to see a blend and a netbook and a tablet with a pivoting screen. Android needs to step up the OS capabilities (higher GB abilities)

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