Dec 12th, 2010


Engadget got their hands on the LG Star; and the verdict is a pretty positive heck yes, saying “Basically, Tegra 2 will give anything your current phone’s running an inferiority complex.” Engadget only had positive remarks about the Star, and everything negative was attributed to the fact that they were reviewing a test device.

Adding to the salivation is that Engadget is saying it could be possible for the Star to launch with Gingerbread; FroYo being so last summer, and all.

An additional note worth making here is that the initial Star leak came with the juicy implication that Gingerbread could be the Android version shipping with final units, so we’ll have to just wait to find that out.

Engadget’s review of the Star is definitely in depth and a worthy read for anyone wanting to know how high the bar for next-gen Android devices is being set. You’ll also be treated to a barrage of pictures and a video of various benchmarks being executed.

[via Engadget]

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