Dec 10th, 2010


Video-calling is becoming all the rage and will certainly be a huge selling point for all types of devices in 2011, but there are still some phones, notebooks, and tablets coming without front-facing cameras. While you can still video chat using these devices, it’d be quite the cumbersome and awkward experience (you either won’t be able to see the other person or you’ll have to be in front of a mirror.)

Someone took that mirror idea and actually conceptualized it for the Nexus One. It’s quite simple, really: a clip-on attachment – being called the OneMoreFace – goes onto the top of your phone and has two mirrors: one that grabs your face and sends it to the second mirror that’s pointed directly at the camera sensor.

The designer has plans to put these into production soon, and it’s a great alternative to buying a completely new device just to “SpaceTime” with your “MyFace” buddies. Did I get that right? [via Android Police]

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