Samsung Mobile India Says Galaxy S Will Get Gingerbread


A Samsung Mobile India Twitter account – which people say is legit – fielded questions from users of the Samsung Galaxy S regarding Gingerbread. Who hasn’t asked about Gingerbread? But Samsung Mobile India’s response was a lot more assuring than the canned statement we got yesterday. Simply put: yes, the Galaxy S will get Gingerbread.


But that’s only in India. If they do indeed get Gingerbread, there’s a good chance that those with unlocked Galaxy S devices in other regions will get it, as well. We aren’t going to take this as concrete confirmation just yet (it’s always an “I’ll see it when I believe it” deal), but it sure is nice to see a commitment from at least one region. [via Unwired View]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Samsung giveth. AT&T taketh away.

  2. “Simply put: yes, the Galaxy S will get Froyo.”
    surely you must be meaning gingerbread…

  3. They also said Froyo was coming for the Spica. And then another part of Samsung denied it and yet another part confirmed it again. But now it’s not coming after all.

  4. India gets Gingerbread on their Galaxy S, America is still waiting for Froyo on theirs, the world has gone nuts.

  5. Beware, people! Samsung Mobile is a SCAM!

  6. Samsung needs to pull its crap together. They have sold well but they really need to get this update issue fixed. Motorola and htc can easily show them up. If either motorola or htc come with a stock android device for Verizon I will get that.

  7. How “easy” or likely will it be to port the Nexus S software onto all the different Galaxy S’?… Everybody in this universe knows that the Galaxy S is capable of running Gingerbread. Its just a matter of if Samsung and whatever carrier your on want to put their efforts into its development OR construct some new device(just like Verizon is doing with the Stealth V).

  8. @ pimpstrong
    Everyone knows the Galaxy S is more than powerful enough to get Gingerbread. Its the most powerful phone available right now for goodness sakes but Samsung just gives us a ” F-U, just buy our new phones”. I’m sure its fairly easily too port Gingerbread from Nexus S seeing how its the same phone. Samsung just wants ro maximize sales for it, but who in their right move will buy another Samsung product knowing that they won’t support it? Even though Nexus S software is handled by Google. Its still a Samsung device so your still doing them a favor buying it.

  9. Maximize sales for what exactly? Whats funny is how if they do want us to buy there new phones to get stuff like Gingerbread then WHERE THE FUCK ARE THEY?? Not only is this unsatisfactory for the end user but its not good for their sales if there is no choice to buy an up to date phone. Fuck drop support for the Galaxy S and then give me a 4.5″ Gingerbred –> Honeycomb beast with all the up to date perks. Yeah I bought a poorly supported Galaxy S and I would buy another bigger one because although they don’t get the best support, they hands down have to best hardware. Show me an EVO with a SuperAMOLED screen and ships would be jumped.

  10. Dude seriously people, go to xda forums, donate to DesignGears (optional) and install Cognition. Been running 2.2 forever now and it is fast and stable. Screw Samsung, screw AT&T we don’t need no stinking vendors or their permission. It is so easy even my non-techy friends can do it. Hell there are already pieces of gingerbread code floating around, my Captivate is getting Gingerbread with or without Samsung or AT&T’s blessing.

  11. I believe all galaxy s phones will receive gingerbread on December, December 2011! LOL! Yeah that’s how long samsung takes to roll out an update. :P

  12. Let me just list what I and a lot of other galaxy s owners have been through.
    -Went out and bought the galaxy s as soon as it was released because of good reviews, awesome hardware.
    -Out of the box, its laggy and gps sucks.
    -Samsung issues an updated 2.1 firmware.
    -Laggy and gps sucks.
    -Samsung issues a froyo update that took a very long time to be released(nevermind, they must have wanted to make sure its perfect)
    -guess what,STILL LAGGY AND GPS SUCKS.

    What samsung should do.
    Release an updated froyo firmware that is SMOOTH and try to improve the gps (if its a software issue). We were promised froyo but we never expected such lazy work.
    Next, they should release Gingerbread to us users as a way of saying thank you for being patient.
    And maybe throw in honeycomb later on (probably too much to ask for)

  13. I would believe more if they went through the trouble of making a video showing their phones using the newest version of Android, oh wait that is what they did with the Samsung Behold and it is still on 1.6.

  14. I remain skeptical about getting Gingerbread on my Fascinate. It would be a nice Christmas…umm…New Years…April Fools…4th of July gift. OK, so we’re never getting it, gotcha.

  15. If is so distraught just go to someone like team whiskey and get one of their awesome roms….. they put out software that would own any update that samsung could ever give us. The second they get their hands on the international version of gingerbread I have no doubt that soon after I’ll have an awesome lag free version running on my vibrant, just like the awesome froyo that I’m running now!

  16. so sad.. Samsung = best hardware, worst software support = a lot of upset customers.

  17. Well crapish guess if I got so S phone I to would feel a need to root and or complain about my phone. Glad I don’t have one but the Nexus S looks good. Sure hope they update it well like the first Nexus

  18. So whenever honeycomb is announced, we know that will be when Galaxy S gets gingerbread.

  19. NEWS: Galaxy S gets Gingerbread through XDA lol.

  20. Hmmm. India, a source of extremely believable information and statements. Such as the upcoming $35 notebook… NOT!!! I don’t think you should hold your breath waiting on this. It would be great of course, but by the time this ever happens, there will be the new JellyBeans OS from Google. Oops, I wasn’t supposed to let that out just yet….

    “Help us Obi-Nexus-S. You’re our only hope…..”

  21. Close, OMG Ponies! Whenever honeycomb is announced, we know that will be when Galaxy S gets the latest Eclair update, designed to “improve the user’s GPS experience.” As moots says, “still laggy, GPS will still suck.”

  22. Samsung sucks and they have lost me as a customer for ever now. I am never ever going to buy another samsung product in my lifetime. WTF do they think. Foolig all its customers. Screw at&t and its contract, i rooted mine and thanks to XDA Dev team, I have froyo running perfect on my captivate. i think samsung should subcontract its upgrade to the XDA team so that atleast eachone of its customers will get a software backup…

  23. I am having Samsung galaxy S for over 3 months now & was promised that it will be upgraded to 2.2 soon.Surprisingly I purchsed HTC wildfire few days ago & it had a message to upgrade to 2.2 version.Now HTC is working superb don’t know when will it happen with Galaxy s ??????????.How far this is correct that Samsung has stopped Galaxy S????

  24. Buy the iPhone, it will get all updates.

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