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Folks who complain about the lack of Flash support in Opera Mobile 10.1 need to realize that it’s a beta – not everything is going to work as it should and some features have yet to be implemented. Thankfully, Opera’s not sleeping at the wheel as they’ve expressed plans to bring Adobe Flash support and HTML5 video support in a future update.

Although Opera Mobile already has all the browser features, we want to improve your comfort when browsing the internet. In particular, you can look forward to:

Flash: the new web technologies aim to replace it, but Flash will be around for some time. If you have Flash player installed on your phone, Opera will support it.

HTML5 video: although it’s possible to embed videos in a Flash, you can have videos directly in HTML5, the same way as images. You can already see HTML5 videos on Youtube.

It wasn’t said if this update would bring the browser out of beta, but if not, it’d certainly be a giant stop forward. I’m personally waiting to see how smoothly flash will work in Opera on devices like the Samsung Galaxy S once they implement hardware acceleration. We could be looking at the smoothest and richest multimedia browsing experience on a mobile handset yet. [via EuroDroid]

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  1. I will continue using it with or without Flash but my god will i love not having to switch to stock Browser for some pages :D

  2. Opera Mobile is great for a beta and good for a browser in general. However, not being able to open tabs in the background is a deal breaker for me.

  3. I’m looking forward to this. I loved Opera Mini when I had my CliqXT and would love to go back to that interface on my myTouch4G when it gets Flash support.

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