Google Maps 5 for Android Shown Off on Video


We first heard about Google Maps 5 along with the announcement of Gingerbread and the Nexus S, but thanks to Google’s Marissa Mayer and a presentation at LeWeb 2010 we now have a little first-hand look at the new software on video. Maps 5 implements some pretty big elements such as 3D landmarks and cached data allowing for offline use. It won’t be the same sort of total usability you would get when on a data connection, but it should be enough to get you through momentary data loss. Check out the video below.

[via AndroidCommunity]

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Developer’s Beware: Android 2.3 has an Eclipse Plugin Bug, Fix Already Available

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  1. Sweet. Can’t wait to play with this. Hope it really does come out soon.

  2. I really hate videos. Just show me the maps, I don’t give a damn about the yammering heads and audience shots.

  3. I just finished watching the video and Marissa said it’ll be in the market next week.

  4. That is super cool. The improvements just keep going, and going, and going…..

  5. Nice! Using vector graphics will also decrease data transfer compared to the tiresome bitmapped graphics.

    It assume it will decrease power comsumption a lot with the next iteration of OpenVG GPU’s in the near future.

    Not to mention it will free up a lot of memory and internal bandwidth!

  6. Just to clarify, the 2D barcode offers the tile based version of Google Maps, not the vector based version. We have to wait for it in the coming days.

  7. Marissa is pretty hot

  8. that shits pretty cool. gonna see my craptastic town in 3d LOL. no seriously thats a hell of a feature. i for one find it annoying as hell that when im driving to some place ive never been to in a big city like new york, i have no idea what im looking for. yea it pops up with a picture of the place but thats not till your practically on top of it. by than i gotta swing back around the block and usually get beat for a parking spot. >_< – with this i can anticipate the building and look out for das parking spot. epic.

    and that chicks shirt is ugly as FUCK. bitch burn that thing god damn.

  9. Do we know which features will be missed in Nexus one?

  10. Now will Google patent “twist to turn” and “slide to tilt” gestures? lol

  11. @Storm14K aka Phil
    It is more likely that Apple will claim they invented it yesterday and that Google should be shut down for infringing their patent.

  12. i wish you could download maps to your sd card so if you were offline you could still get full mad functionality. i know it would take a lot of space but with 16gb sd cards i would use it.

  13. Jeff you obviously have no clue about patents.
    Fuck android if apple did have that patent they should be sued.
    Same goes for apple.
    All of the sudden apple is the bad guy if someone violates their patents.
    Just because you google fan babies don’t like apple doesn’t mean bad things should happen to them.
    I guess if I don’t like you and I see your house get broken into I just shouldn’t call the police
    Google fanboys are pathetic just like apple fanboys

  14. Did I hear that lady right in the video?
    more data stored on the phone?

  15. @Bobert I was making a joke, I have a pretty good idea how patents work :) I just think it’s funny how good Apple is at suddenly having patents for idea that have been around for a long time. No need to get defensive or use expletives :) But guilty, I DO hate Apple. And regarding your question, it sounded to me like more map data stored on the phone, but without (much) increased space due to the improved efficiency of vector based map info on bmps.

  16. * vector based map info COMPARED TO bmps

  17. What is it with these guys and long fingernails??
    Guys, here’s a tip for you: Women are not attracted to a man with long manicured fingernails! While we don’t want a man with chewed up jagged nails, we definitely don’t want a man who looks like he spends more time polishing his nails than women take getting ready for work in the morning.
    As for this update, I’m looking forward to it.

  18. @Bobert, ah yes, but with the new version of Maps, It’d be easier for you to Navigate to the Police station if you wanted to!

  19. @Slick – definitely

  20. So…it will cache maps of places I go to most…that I probably don’t need a map for since I go there often…right?

  21. @manus:

    That’s what she meant by offline reliability. It will cache more of a map in case there are network dead spots. I’m not sure if you will be able to download a map of an entire city yet.

  22. @ LaptuaZ: Exactly what I was thinking. The places I go to most (work/home) give me a constant 3G connection, thus I don’t need offline caching. What I need is to be able to download an entire state, so when I’m out in the sticks I can still f*cking use Google Maps Nav. I’m starting to think they blew it w/ offline caching. We’ll see next week.

  23. I’m excited for offline ability. Vector’s should be cool

  24. Will this update only be for android 2.3 users or will froyo peeps see this also.

  25. Ok, sucks – you can’t download a map of a whole country, France for instance to avoid paying data roaming fees when using Google Navigation.

    Still waiting for a real offline capability.

  26. The update is awesome! I’m loving compass mode and 3D buildings. I put up a video of it working on the G2 if you’re interested:

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