LauncherPro Update Coming Sometime This Week; Rewrite Still in the Works



Since Federico announced he’d be rewriting the LauncherPro engine from scratch, we’ve been without a peep or an update as to where he is on that, or if his current-standing version would be seeing an update sometime soon. Tim from Droid-Life was able to get a hold of him, thankfully, and he was as transparent as you’d hope anyone to be with the following to say:

“The update to the current LP should be out early next week (This Week) and the rewrite is still a bit hard to predict, it’s a lot more work than I had expected.”

And when asked what the update would bring, he couldn’t say anything except “it’s a secret.” Ah well, I guess he can’t just start throwing things out all willy nilly. Makes for an exciting wait time, anyway. What’ll it be?!

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Due to the slow updates from device manufacturers, Lanucher Pro is probably used by as many as MotoBLUR, Sense or stock Android…

  2. LOL
    new to android stick around and look forward to being let down by developers

  3. have used and purchased launcher pro because i like how fluidly it ran through screens but hated the home re-write that constantly happened on my D1. Still well worth the money spent even if I don’t use it right now, Federico has been a great dev and giving him a few bucks was no problem.

  4. I ♥ LP. Can’t wait for the update!

  5. Looking forward to the future of Launcher Pro. Bought the full version and never looked back

  6. Can’t wait to see what the rewrite will bring.

  7. This is good news! Hope his rewrite is going well, and the fact that he is taking a bit is a good indication that he is doing it right. Would have been a little skeptical if he came out with a rewrite in a month…

  8. Launcher Pro is the SHIT and I will never use TW again!

  9. Nice to finally hear some news about LP, it has gone very quiet on his website for over a month, good news he is still working on the updates.

  10. The current version of LauncherPro is superb. I can only imagine what he will come up with next.

  11. LP is great. Paid for the app, gotta support the guy as he does great work!

  12. I had LP when it first came out. And it was the thing since fried chicken. But the lack of customization made me sway toward Adw. He is a very developer, so I know he will pull something amazing out of hat. Cant wait! Or can I?

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