Fring Introduces DVQT to Dynamically Optimize Call Quality


Because not all network connections are the same, the folks at fring believe that video quality shouldn’t always be static either. With that thought in mind they are introducing what they call DVQ mobile calling. The DVQ stands for Dynamic Video Quality, and is a system designed to adjust video and audio quality on the fly so that it jives with your bandwidth at all times.

A fast network opens up high quality calling, while a shoddy signal can be salvaged with lower quality video and audio so that the call remains smooth and consistent. The video below demonstrates the concept (albeit in on an iPhone). Fring can be yours in the for free in the Android Market, and if you have a phone with a front-facing camera it is most definitely worth checking out.

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  1. I like geeky talk, and I sure was hoping to learn more about DVQ’s ins and outs.
    Guess Iphone users are not that much into it.

  2. way to beat skype and gchat to the punch!

  3. I love that they added the ability to toggle back and forth between the front and rear cam during calls.

  4. not using front camera on my myTouch 4G. Bummer

  5. Which is still absolutely useless without FFC support on android.

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