Best Buy Confirms Nexus S Pricing: $529 Unlocked, $199 with T-Mobile



In a press release separate from Google and Samsung’s tag-team announcement of the Nexus S, Best Buy has revealed the pricing model for the next generation of Google phone. The Nexus S will go for $529 unlocked and contract-free, or an easier to swallow $199 when coupled with a two-year T-Mobile contract.

Starting December 16th you will be able to walk into your local Best Buy and purchase the phone, or alternatively order it online. The Nexus S features a 4-inch Super AMOLED display, 1GHz Hummingbird processor, and, of course, the latest version of Android (Gingerbread). Add in some nifty new features like an NFC chip and you have a future-proof phone that ranks right at the top of the pack.

Best Buy Mobile® Partners With Google to Exclusively Launch Nexus S Smart Phone

Nexus S, from Google and Samsung, is the world’s first smart phone with Android 2.3, Gingerbread. Nexus S hits Best Buy stores and BestBuy.com after Dec. 16

MINNEAPOLIS, Dec. 6, 2010 – Best Buy proudly announces the exclusive North American launch of the new Nexus S™ smart phone, co-developed by Google™ and Samsung, the world’s most advanced Android™ smart phone.

Nexus S is available after Dec. 16 in all Best Buy big box stores, the 157 Best Buy Mobile specialty stores and on BestBuy.com. Customers can purchase Nexus S for $529 as an unlocked phone without a contract. Nexus S optimized for T-Mobile’s network is available for $199 with a two-year service agreement and qualifying voice and data plan.

Best Buy Mobile has rapidly become a leading destination for mobile technology purchases with the most smart phones under one roof. With the addition of Nexus S, Best Buy Mobile now offers more than 20 Android phones across all four major networks, a full line of accessories for the devices and highly trained mobile associates providing support and guidance.

“We have invested a lot of time and resources to ensure people get the smart phone and support that’s right for them, and we expect to see significant consumer excitement focused on Nexus S,” said Mike Vitelli, president of the Americas for Best Buy. “This is a groundbreaking mobile device that you have to see to believe, and that’s exactly what people can do at every Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile location. We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Google and Samsung to launch this phone in time for the holidays.”

Nexus S also is launching in all Best Buy and Carphone Warehouse stores in the UK later in December.

”We’re thrilled to launch Nexus S with Gingerbread, and we’re also excited to be partnering with Best Buy to launch this device,” said Andy Rubin, Vice President of Engineering at Google.

Nexus S is the world’s first mobile phone to feature a 4” Contour Display. Its unique design and curved display make it easy to use while the powerful 1GHz application processor combined with the newest version of Android 2.3 or “Gingerbread” means users will enjoy one of the fastest and most seamless user experiences available. The combined Flash and HTML5 technology means internet browsing is high-speed and sophisticated.

Additional Nexus S features include:

16GB of internal memory
Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, which allows users to read NFC tags
Front and rear facing cameras
Voice Actions allows users to text friends, search for and call restaurants and stores, write notes to self, receive step-by-step directions via Google Maps™ with Navigation and Latitude, and ring and email contacts just by speaking into their smart phone
Access to Google mobile services including Google Search™, Gmail™, YouTube™, Google Calendar™, Google Talk™, Google Voice™
Gyroscope support for enhanced gaming and motion detection

Nexus S, Google, Android, Google Maps, Google Search, Gmail, YouTube, Google Calendar, Google Talk, and Google Voice are trademarks of Google, Inc. T-Mobile is a trademark of Deutsche Telekom AG.

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  1. Cant wait!!!!!!

  2. Specs are kind of minimal… but hell, its the next nexus phone running 2.3. Do want. Also first.

  3. Hmm…interesting, but I agree, specs are definitely not mind blowing. I mean really not much different than the original Nexus with regard to performance-related specs (still a 1ghz processor, similar screen, camera, etc). Can’t say I totally ready to get this phone.

  4. Oh and I’m thinking the build quality can’t possibly come close to matching the N1. Looks like we’re talking plastic, and more plastic with this product. =(

  5. If you U.S guys want a real laugh, check out the UK pricing here….



  6. How sad is this… £549.95 at CarphoneWarehouse… Love the way we get ripped off in the UK…

  7. Not available on Verizon? This phone would have been HUGE if it was.

  8. well good thing i only have 5 more months on my contract.

  9. Not HSPA+?

  10. So when something goes wrong with your phone, Best Buy will refer you to T-Mobile who will refer you to Google who will refer you to Best Buy.

  11. They should be giving this garbage away for free…. LMFAO @ no HSPA+. This is December 2010. Get the fuck out of here.

  12. Nexus S wont have SD card option according to the official specs from google own page unlike the Nexus one

    I got 32GB with my Nexus one but Nexus S will have capped 16GB memory

    The phone is obviously better than Nexus 1 (same price as Nexus one) but you get

    1-Extra front camera with HD capture from the back camera
    2-Bigger and brighter screen with anti-finger/reflection
    3-HD playback
    4-Free 16GB memory (Wont run out of space for apps too, a problem Nexus 1 users suffer from)

  13. If don´t have micro sd slot, it is BIG FAIL

  14. Wow…identical to the Galaxy S line…they simply added…HSPA. Very very disappointing. Was hoping for a reason to get his. But all well….very……unimpressive

  15. Mino, it wont have SD card check this official page yourself


    Compare the Nexus S and the Nexus one

    It says Nexus one got a SD card but the Nexus S does not

  16. Wait…I read that wrong…no HSPA+ and did I have read it around the interwebs…no MicroSDHC card slot? I am sure thats incorrect, but still odd to hear. This thing is shaping up to be a big yawn!

  17. So conclusion. Wait for them to release the source code for the Nexus S. Wait for the XDA developers to get their hand on it. Get yourself a Vibrant on Craiglist for $300 and install the custom made 2.3 ROM found on XDA-developers website. :)

  18. Please come to Verizon. I want a stock android option.

  19. Does this possibly mean for Vibrant users are possibly getting 2.3 update instead of 2.2 samaung just waited????

  20. This doesn’t seem to be a very clear step up from the Nexus One. More powerful CPU and nicer display, yes, but not a huge difference here, and judging from the specs, you pay a penalty in battery life. More internal storage, but no SD for future expansion. Lighter and with more resilient glass, but a cheap plastic feel. Seems like a whole lot of trade-offs to me. I guess the only unqualified benefits are the front facing camera and NFC.
    Of course Nexus One will have Gingerbread in a few weeks, too.

  21. On a side note I can’t wait when the carriers stop with the contract crap. Never again will I get a 2 year contract. That model doesn’t work when the pace of technology moves so quickly.

  22. “Nexus S optimized for T-Mobile’s network”, but does not have HSPA+. If you can’t take advantage of the network then what good is the phone?

  23. No HSPA+, no SDHC, cheap plastic body and this is supposed to be worth $529? My N1 looks better and better every day. Also, they need to kill the exclusivity deal with BB-not much incentive to compete on price when you are the only one in town selling it. You can get far better deals at Sam’s and Costco usually.

  24. I am beyond livid.

    No HSPA+ means it is already an ancient phone. Google Nexus S = FAIL!!!!!!!!

    Looks like I’m not getting a phone anytime soon, I’m sticking with the N1

  25. Er, not all Best Buys carry TMO though?!? Not that I would get this phone since I already have a N1.

  26. I have a N1 and I’ll be passing on this one. Waiting for a Tegra phone.

  27. Sprint is about to lose me as a customer.

  28. Phone is not worth it and I could care less about NFC chips. I’m still extremely satisfied with my N1 and it is still Google’s developer phone. Google should have just stuck with HTC on the Nexus line or continued a contract to keep making the N1 (i.e. replacements!!). I’d love to have a 2nd N1 to root up and play with or just come out with an N2 or N3….etc etc

  29. i for one am sure i will be preordering this phone. the nexus one is by far a great phone. this phone has everything from the original nexus one plus the extra internal memory and perhaps a better touch screen. i trust google to deliver on my next phone.

  30. i will wait for the next nexus hope they will manufacture by HTC or Moto

  31. Hmm, is T-Mobile going to be selling this phone themselves? Everything I’ve seen just points at Best Buy…

    I was hoping to get it from T-Mobile for $199 and then broken down over 3-4 payments..

  32. Cash in hand waiting for next week. Good buy VZ and my crappy moto droid glad i didnt settle and get fascinate.

  33. Would have liked dual core and hspa+ but i’ll still be getting this. It’s going to be sick. Vanilla gingerbread is going to fly on hummingbird. Screen is going rock too.

  34. OMG SO DISSAPPOINTED!! i’ve been waiting forever for a promise of the Next Gen phone… but this next gen phone was released a couple months ago already?!?!!? WTH Google! i know it’s not your fault that people assumed it’s a Dual Core, my contract is up and i’d rather wait 1-2 more months for a phone that is gonna be next gen (tegra 2)

  35. Is it available for upgrade??

  36. Ground breaking? How exactly? As a Nexus 1 owner, this won’t feel ground breaking or high end. Why the cheap plastic build? No HSPA+ means I will pass and wait for something else.

  37. Looks like i will be keeping my N1 a while longer till some dual core Vanila Android device w/ HSPA+/4G, 4 inch sAmoled, 8meg HD cam, SD card slot, bigger battery etc. Well HTC u have ur work cut out…get to work and get this to us in mid 2011.

  38. IT WILL have HSPA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Nexus S = Fail.
    To make a near identical phone to the Vibrant and little improvements over the N1 is a fail. The N1 last year had top of the line hardware.. now Google’s latest addition is substandard. No HSPA+, no external memory, a 5mp camera, downgrade to bluetooth 2.1, and weaker battery life?

    Granted..Android 2.3, new display, 3 axis gyroscope and NFC are perks.. but do not out weigh the failures.

  40. True….HSPA isn’t bad. I wi fi hotspot on 3g and while web browsing is slower than my office lan, it’s not too shabby actually. I’ve been thinking that there are some clear advantages over my N1. Larger screen. Better processor architecture and it’s reportedly speedy as heck. Certainly a much better touch sensor which is a deficiency in the N1 and which makes it a pain to type much with, and there are those touch errors that require turning off and on the screen. So perhaps this would be much more enjoyable to use day to day, but I just bet I’ll hold it in my hand and think “what a cheap piece”. I don’t care about NFC, front facing camera, or the sd card. I don’t need all that storage, and after having sd cards go bad, it’s frustrating to spend the money on them. I like backing up to my PC.

  41. Hi I was just wondering if Nexus S will be bought with 2 year contract from T-mobile, will the phone include some software modification that T-mobile will put on it and that will delay future software updates? I really need to know the answer, because of the “fast updates” is the reason I am getting the Google phone. The reason I ask is because as we know, that companies always delay updates, because of their customizations. Thanks

  42. I just got the new Mytouch 4G a couple of days ago. I love it! Then saw the new google phone and was considering a return with-in my 1st 15 days, but I have the better phone. Card-slot and 4G, I might load 2.3 when feel I need more or 3.X by then.

  43. i have a motorola cliq now and hateeee it.
    i think this would be a HUGE upgrade…
    having no microsd sucks, but frankly im fine with ‘just’ 3g if it means all this other stuff too. its vanilla which is cool coming from stupid motoblur. im debating between this and the MyTouch4g… suggestions?

  44. MyTouch 4g also has junk installed in the phone and can’t be removed. I saw it in the store many times and really didn’t like it. I think Nexus S would be better choice.

  45. Most negative comments are from n1 owners no doubt the phone could be better but I can’t wait to get mine. I’m not on contract so when the next one comes out i’ll sell this one and get it. Android 3.0 is going to remove the capacitive buttons from phones so there are going to be lots of new devices in the coming months. The only problem I have with phone is no micro sd but by time I fill up the 16gb the next gen phone will be out.

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