SPB TV 2.0 Released – Now Free of Charge


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SPB has released version 2.0 of their TV app – SPB TV, simply – and aside from some new features to better the overall experience, they made one major change: it’s free! SPB offers over 150 channels of content at no charge, but you won’t be able to get your weekly episodes of House or other such popular shows. I haven’t checked it out for myself, but I imagine they’ve dropped their $9.95 price tag in favor of an ad-based model. Though many of the channels might not interest you, they have been a god send for folks who want to watch channels exclusive to countries other than their own. It’s free now, so you might as well try it out for yourself and see if you can find something good to watch. Full feature list straight ahead.

  • Integrated TV Guide with a list of current and upcoming TV shows
  • Unique browser with fast channel launching and switching
  • Quick channel preview (picture-in-picture mode)
  • On-screen control panel
  • Video on Demand
  • Setting a reminder
  • Video quality switcher
  • Advanced Video Codec support
  • Tablets support

[Link to the App on AppBrain]

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  1. It should be free of charge since is suuucks cooooock

  2. This app is pure crap. Total waste of time.

  3. Rooted with a nice Hulu app!!

  4. Hulu rocks on Myn’s Warm two point two!!!!

  5. Which Hulu capable app is out???

  6. You just need a patched version of Flash and change the user agent in your browser. Takes 2 minutes.

  7. Can you give us some more information on the “patched” version of flash?

  8. Why not take 2 seconds and google it?

  9. Really? [sic] I haven’t used it, but you should use it to see if you like anything.
    Geez Louise, great selling technique.

  10. I watch Hulu with Skyfire 2.3. And Droid version 2.1 now. Just ignore the ‘ Hulu does not support mobile’ Works perfectly. (HTC Desire)

  11. how do I ‘root’? is it just an app? I pay $100 for root app but cannot get on marketplace.

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