Sharp Shows off their Galapagos Line of Android Tablets



Sharp has been doing some interesting things with their lineup of Android phones, and while they may rely to an extent on gimmicks such as glasses-free 3D, their offerings thus far haven’t looked all that bad. For now, Japan is just about the only place you can get a piece of Android on a Sharp device, and the trend continues with the Galapagos line of tablets announced for the Land of the Rising Sun.

Two sizes were shown off, a 5.5-inch device with a resolution of 1024×600 for 39,000 yen ($473) and a 10.8-inch version with a resolution of 1266×800 at a price of 54,800 ten ($642). The prices might put these slightly out of reach for consumers looking for a more cost-friendly tablet, but we are interested to see what Sharp has to offer.

Plans for a US release aren’t know just yet, but Sharp has expressed interest in extending their Android offerings to the States, so we could see them eventually.

[via IntoMobile]

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  1. hmmm, too small, and too big…. Galaxy Tab, just right.

  2. I don’t understand how they price these Android tablets. I can get a full-out Windows 7 tablet for under $500 and these tablets running a MOBILE PHONE OS is going to cost over $600? These should max out at $300 with $200 being the more reasonable price.

  3. @Dan

    Japan is known for everything to be more expensive, particularly technology. Cut that pricing in half for outside Japa.

  4. for me these Tablets would be a novelty item, no real need for them, so the prices need to be more realistic

  5. I like this article.. This was my First time to your blog. Greatful for sharing . I have to bookmark this website. I was a house specialist for 5 years

  6. @LogicalBud
    Then explain the Galaxy Tablet at $599 in the US (it’s only worth $299). The “cheapest” you can get it for is $399 with a 2 year $40/month contract which works out to $1360! Are people stupid?!?! You can get a seriously nice Windows 7 tablet “real computer” and still save hundreds of dollars! It’s not just the Japanese that are stupid enough to buy this crap, there are plenty that stupid in the US also.

  7. @Dan
    Gotta remember though that Windows 7 is not innately designed for a touch interface. I am in the process of testing an Archos 70 Internet Tablet and a Archos 9 Windows Tablet; while the Windows tablet may have more depth as to extent of use at face value, the Android OS is built for touch, making it far more intuitive.

  8. @Garrett
    Maybe more intuitive, but still less productive than a keyboard and mouse. The point really isn’t touch or the OS, but the hardware cost, which is far too high on Android tablets. $1360 for an Android tablet is just a little steep.

  9. Galaxy tab= CRAP , so looking forward to other alternatives

  10. Been looking at the Archos 70 internet tab, but no marketplace access… oh well, I guess there’s always .apk files!

  11. This price crap!!. in my country (indonesia) have csl handroid pad mi700 (like galaxy tab model n specification), but with 800mhz procecor n price just $350 unlocked.. haaahaaaa!!.

  12. The color nook should have had cameras, ite would be rger perfect tab.

    – the right price
    – awesome screen
    – perfect weight and size
    – eight hour battery life
    – excellent quality.
    – excellent capacitive screen
    – it runs Android no half baked IOs that tethers you to Apple

    manufacturers would notice if its sales would go through the roof. Now Barnes and Noble, give us those cameras.

  13. @ teckel

    You do relize that the pricing of these tablets is in line with the price of an unsubsidized modern smartphone? Add in a larger screen additional RAM and flash storage I can see the average price for a good tablet running between $500-700. My Nexus One when it launched was $529. These mobile designed tablets are running mobile hardware; not laptop hardware which is cheaper and on average more power hungry.

    Just my 2 cents on the pricing.

  14. @Ural
    Even without a camera, the Nook color still isn’t up to par to be a good tablet. I really don’t care about a camera, and I’m not getting the Nook color but waiting for a different tablet. It lacks the speed and control buttons to be even an okay tablet.

    Honestly, why does it need a camera? The cameras on these devices are all crap anyway. We’ve yet to see a real merger between real cameras and cell phone or tablet technology.

  15. —- The 7″ Galaxy Tab, (and it’s later updated camera/screen upgraded versions) I believe will ne perfect for me, on the go. Laptops & Netbooks don’t really fill that function for me. This will evolve. I also want it to have a phone function. I use my speaker phone, or headphones now, on my HTC phone now. 80% of the time. Touch screen Tablets being on the cutting edge, will for now. Be pricey. And as a note to the evidence, of prices quickly lowering. I have just received a price update. As of December 26th, Samsung Galaxy Tab prices drop $100. —- ’tiss the season ; – )

  16. @Z

    There is market place access, if you follow

    They have instructions on how to install the marketplace and google apps in general (just by using a simple google apps.apk file)

    I have the archos 70, currently running 2.2

  17. Until these Samsung Yahoos figure out that the tabs are used where there is already a network – 99% of the time – and that there is NO need for a cell provider – Samsung’s Tab is dead in the water at ANY PRICE – don’t need a monthly fee for every piece of hardware in our lives… and who would want to make all those payments…

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