Need a Free Smartphone? Best Buy Will Have Them All Throughout December



It’s not odd to see an offer for a free smartphone on a two-year contract on any of the four biggest carriers, but when Best Buy offers them for free no matter which phone you decide to get on which carrier, there’s reason to rejoice. If you were planning to buy a smartphone for yourself or a loved one this month, Best Buy is undoubtedly the place to get them: they’ll feature a minimum of four smartphones – one from each carrier – every single day in December for free. We can’t imagine they’ll leave any particular phone out, so if you haven’t been able to find a deal on the phone you were looking for yet, you’ll want to check in with Best Buy at the promotion’s specific landing page every day to see if they’ll have the Android phone you’ve been waiting to get. [via Best Buy]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Hmm.. wonder if it’s worth taking the EVO back under my 30 days and seeing if they offer it for free at all…

  2. Omg! I’m a Sprint premier member, would best buy hhonor the upgrade price by sprint?

  3. @ Paris – usually the free phones are NEW contracts and the upgrade phones are slightly more expensive. Worth giving them a call or dropping in at the store though! ;)

  4. Anyone know if someone can get the free phones from BB and then apply their employer Verizon (voice/data plan) discount to that after the fact? Just wondering if anyone has ever done that.

  5. Gimme gimme gimme– i just bought 2 mytouch 4gs and a lg optimus. The optimus is on for free now, so that’s $29 in my pocket. If the MT4g goes up I’ll net $300.

  6. @jbw, your employer discount is on your account, not your devices. You can buy any handset from whereever as long as your still using the same account your discount is registered on and still get it.

  7. Damn best buy sucks, they leave us Canadians out in the cold (an it is cold outside here, at least in Calgary) on all of their awesome android deals!

  8. *crosses fingers for the EVO*

  9. *likes keiths comment*

  10. If the EVO hits this sale, it’s going to make waiting for the next flagship phone a lot harder…

    Free is hard to beat, and anything is an upgrade from my Hero (though I do admit that AOSP has brought new life to this phone).

  11. man I was going to wait until January or February when my ETF runs up with ATT on my iPhone and go to sprint for an all i can eat 4G extravaganza, but this just might entice me, if i could get and epic and an evo on this for me and my wife, that would make it worth it. the bonus to waiting is the possibility of another flagship device that i can get near launch.

  12. And I just considered this, let me know if I’m not considering everything. If android is now competing with ios number wise (although only half of those users have 2.1 and only 30% have 2.2 one year after it came out), and android’s customer base is growing so much etc.; it’s 56 mobile phone manufacturing companies on the android side, and only 1 on ios’s side. That’s 56 trying to beat One company, maybe not all of them using android but all the top ones do with the rest of the companies ‘open’ and ‘free’ to have at it. Your android stats are true but not interpreted in light of all the relevant factors. If I’m wrong please let me know. I am also for openness and competition in these areas but there’s so much more choice, plenty of quality free and 99 cents apps etc. I mean if you like angry birds and a recommend tab, you get way more apps and features with apple.
    Plus Consumer Reports (Apple’s biggest critic) said that even though they can’t recommend the iphone 4 because of the minor antenna issues, it still ranked on top the latest mobile phone rankings. It beat out the evo 4g on CR. You can look it up on the iphone 4 wikipedia page’s reference links at the bottom. That’s 56 companies that can’t beat the one, even though it has a bad antenna. Why is that?
    And price wise, all your $200 phones like the evo 4g give you Half of the memory available on the $200 iphone 4. And the memory is flash memory, much better quality than the physical memory evo 4g offers. Please correct me here too, I’m open to debate but don’t see good answers on why android is worth it at this point.

  13. @jbw yes, you certainly can. You will just need to call VZW or go into one of their official stores with you account information handy.

  14. It seems that everyone has misinterpreted the offer. It appears that the phones they have for free now are the same phones they are going to have for free for the whole month. There doesn’t appear to be a “different free phone every day” as all of the blogs are reporting.

    Hope that’s incorrect, but it does not appear so.

  15. I love the totally unprovoked and unimpressive defence of ios, Mr. Jobs, er I mean, iosrules. Tightening your iClone advertising budget a bit this month, eh?

  16. @iosrules nobody cares get out of here you, if you like not being able to customize YOUR phone and NOT being able to choose what you want on your phone then good stay with the iCrap.(:

  17. Holding our for the Samsung Fascinate. They offered in in October and is now $99 – come on free!

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