HTC Merge Gets a Two-Page Spread in Entrepreneur Magazine



Somewhere, in some bizzarro, alternate universe the HTC Merge has been released, and we have the proof. The folks over at AndroidCentral stumbled upon a full two-page spread in Entrepreneur Magazine advertising the handset as the “work phone updated for your life,” See it take the tasks of your day an easily swat them down, showing off it’s slide-out keyboard in the process. The problem is, in this universe the phone hasn’t gotten so much as an announcement.

Initially pegged as part of the pre-Black Friday blitz of releases, the HTC Merge hasn’t been heard from much in the past few weeks. Verizon no doubt still intends to launch this phone, but perhaps they decided their stacked holiday lineup would overshadow the Merge and decided to hold it off until later, with this advertisement slipping through the cracks. Or maybe this will be another fireworks-less release for Verizon quietly landing on shelves without much fanfare.

[via AndroidCentral]

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  1. I wonder if verizon is holding back some of its marketing budget for the iphone. The mistake showed earlier on the droid x, is proof they are working on iphone advertising, and got the wrong screen shot in place.

  2. hahahaha.
    i love that phone, i wish it didnt have sense or wasnt on verizon, the keyboard looks amazing.

  3. Mean looking phone, if I was on Verizon, it’d probably be the phone I’d buy.

  4. vin you are a queer

  5. @ Logan
    how does your statement justify proof that they are working on iPhone marketing…?

  6. I want that phone. Gotta sell the Incredible and take a loss.

  7. Goshhh theyve been holding this and and incredible HD for so long!!!!!!!

  8. looks like the mytouch slide keyboard…

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