Archos Internet Tablet Family Lifted to Android 2.2



The Archos line of Internet Tablets featuring Android (the 28/32/43/70/101) have received their fair dosage of Froyo today, as the (for now) latest version of Android has arrived. Along with the bump up in version number comes a pretty good list of enhancements and additions. The full list:

  • Higher performance: just in time compiler (JIT) technology makes applications run up to 5 times faster than previous Android “Eclair” 2.1 firmwares
  • Enhanced Microsoft Exchange support: it is now possible to synchronize contacts and calendar events
  • Allow to install more 3rd party applications by installing them on the storage memory (for applications that supports it)
  • Video: movie information and cover retrieval in video file info dialog
  • Multiple selection mode is now always enabled in the file manager
  • External bluetooth GPS receivers are now supported
  • Better assistance is provided in the tethering wizard to pair with cell phone using bluetooth DUN profile (smart APN detection)
  • OpenVPN is now supported
  • Slideshow support for network shares has been added to Gallery and Photoframe applications
  • Photoframe: full screen picture can now be displayed on double tap when in floating image mode
  • Manual white balance setting has been added in Camera application
  • Faster USB write transfer
  • Battery: more accurate battery charge estimation
  • Audio: improved compatibility with android audio stream volume management (voice/music/ringtone etc.)
  • Orientation: fixed compatibility issue with some applications working with inverted accelerometer axis

That should help give the Archos line at least some of the extra “umph” it seemed to be missing out of the box, but, as we’ve heard before, no currently available version of Android is exactly primed for tablets. Anyone rocking one of these devices?

[via Archos, thanks to Tony for sending this our way!]

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  1. Are any of those tablets even available yet? I’ve had a preorder on a pair of 43s for a project at work for a month and it hasn’t shipped yet.

  2. I’d love the 101, but not while they’re lumping it with a tiny HDD and a microSD slot rather than standard SD. I’ll have to retain my optimism that a manufacturer can make logical tablet choices at some point.

  3. I’m in New York and no store has it here yet…theirs all only taking pre orders

  4. and its not even available on the archos website

  5. Do they run flash? Don’t think its on the list.

  6. I’ve got an Archos32 IT… and it is awesome (for the price), even before this update! The only “issue” I have with it is that the AppsDB doesn’t include the full Android Market, but it allows for third-party installs.

  7. Ugly. Ugly. Ugly. Would it kill these people to hire a decent product designer?

  8. Archos website has Flash support listed, but also mentions that you have to acquire the flash plugin from Adobe. The firmware is a 80MB download from their support site, and is showing as available now.

  9. Looks like their site is down. Amazon still has the 101 on backorder. Damn I really wanted one of these (or any decent Android tablet with similar specs and pricing – Galaxy Tab is overpriced) for xmas this year.

  10. 101 is on backorder everywhere, including Archos. I might get it when it’s in stock. I think it looks good.

  11. 101 started shipping from Amazon today. They’re catching up with their backorders 3 weeks earlier than expected.

  12. My Archos 101 should be in my mailbox in the next day or so. Ordered mine from TigerDirect back in early october on the original preorder. As it is arriving to me with Android 2.1 i’m going to do a quick test before updating to the latest Froyo firmware. I’ll try to give a good comparison of the speeds and differences between the two.

  13. Archos web page indicates the new tablets will support flash. the Archos 43 is available for purchase on the Archos web site.

  14. Sear’s carries the 28 and 32 in-store right now. Toy’s R Us has them listed on their website, but don’t know their shipping status…

    Great little devices from what I have seen so far.

  15. @Zed: If it’s running Froyo, it is running flash.

  16. Got my A70 about a month ago. It’s a great little media device since it natively streams smb and upnp (including divx/xvid). It has decent battery life and it even fits in the back pocket of my jeans. I’m sure there are better tablets out there but none that I could get for $260 delivered. Updated to 2.2 today and already have the google market and Froyo running on it. There were a few aesthetic improvements with the update and the thing seems to be running better across the board. Haven’t really put the flash through it’s paces yet.

  17. I got my 101 yesterday. I ordered it from a week ago, the first day they had it available. It is a great device for what it does which is just about everything a Galaxy Tab or Ipad can do. At $299 its worth every penny!

  18. glad to hear someone got the market on 2.2 for the a70 :)
    i`ll research until i find it but…u mind linking me? :)

  19. Hi Folks….. PLEASE, stay away from the upgrade!! See text below…

    Archos seem to have made some boo-boo’s with this rom

    1) lots of user complaining about SMB browsing being broken
    2) ditto for wifi
    3) ditto for subtitles in videos
    4) they’ve enforced the requirement to purchase an additional $40 plugin to be able to watch videos with ac3 audio (wasnt enforced on previous rom)

    and the kicker… there doesnt seem to be a way of downgrading the rom back to the old version which didnt suffer all these problems.

    I’m fecked if i’m paying extra $ to them to play ac3 as much as i need it.

    heres hoping for root and custom roms asap

    Oh and they didnt include flash…

  20. I actually have a 101. They put it on sale about 2 weeks ago on their website and I barely came out with one. Had it for about a week and I have to say its hard to put it down. 2.1 was definitely a cripple for this device, sometimes it would just hang there while it processes everything. I still think the RAM size is too small at 256MB, especially since the nav buttons are built in software instead of being on the outside of the device like most phones/tablets. It does pretty well, and you can get the Google marketplace from here: I’m pretty happy with it, but I want some more power so I’ll likely pick up a Notion Ink tablet when it becomes available, but at $299 the Archos is definitely worth the money.

  21. Froyo runs fine on my Archos 43, which I’ve had since Nov 11 and am very happy with. Flash works too on this Froyo/Archos combo — Flash is a separate download until Adobe certifies it directly for Archos, but no matter. Archos seems to be running hard to catch up with demand, and no wonder — everything similar is still just “announced” or much more money.

  22. I just got my 7o a couple of hours ago. I did the 2.2 right from the settings menu. It worked for me but took 2 tries before is it accepted the update. As for the flash, you need to install the flash 10.1. It’s available all over these sites. I had to install and uninstall the flash twice before it started working correctly. I really never gave the 2.1 a chance since the update and delivery were at the same time. So far I’m thinking this Archos was a good choice….

  23. I placed an order for the 101 with Amazon yesterday @ $319 was told it would not ship until 12/17 a date that seems to be most everywhere on the web in regards to the 101’s ship date. Would love to receive it sooner so perhaps this 2.2 news will expedite shipping??

  24. I updated my 70 it, it’s working good, though i still prefer using launcher instead of the default launcher.
    You need to install manually the plugin to have flash.
    So it works, it’s not perfect though but there’s no optimized plugin yet. I used the one on the android market (yeah a hack is already available to install it with google apps)

  25. GPS support is nice, the 7″ would be a nice size to have in the car but which navigation software can be installed? All decent ones (CoPilot, Sygic Aura, Ndrive, Navigon) seem to be only on the AndroidMarket but this has no access to it… and do those apps even support an external GPS…

    Can an android phone work as bluetooth GPS?



  26. Just updated my A70 to 2.2. What a let down! Runs much slower can’t access Marketplace. The gapps4Archos thingy only runs on 2.1. It’s a mess to be honest.

    Disappointed. Should have waited to update after the dust settled.


  27. You can install Android Market manually. There’s even a customized APK just for Archos devices. Do a search and you should find it pretty quickly.

  28. Android Market for Archos:

  29. I have had my Archos 101 for a week and an iPad for about a month. The iPad has a sharper higher resolution display with better view angles, but the display on the Archos is still pretty good. I have not installed the 2.2 update yet, but reports are that the updated gapps4Archos.apk installs just fine on 2.2 and then you can then install the Flash update from the Market.

    Would I buy the Archos again. Absolutely. And it actually looks pretty good in real life. Yes, the back of the unit is not as attractive as an iPad, but in exchange you get a useful kickstand, a usb port, HDMI out, and a microSD slot. The ipad is really nice, but for my needs, the Archos is actually a little more functional and costs MUCH less at only about $300.

  30. It’s so easy to hack the android market that it’s not a problem !! and for people who don’t do it the applibb market from archos is not that bad…
    I am very happy with my A70 it’s the right size for me i don’t like 7″ tablets…

  31. sorry i don’t like 10″

  32. I’ve got the 101 here with Froyo 2.2 and it works like a charm. Beats ipad by a mile!

  33. Does this work with the Archos 5 internet tablet? Since its original is the android 1.6?

  34. Internet 70 per sites indicates 12/17 shipment from all. Time will tell.

  35. @Eugen:
    no, Archos 5 Internet Tablet wasn`t upgraded.

    As they said:

    “The Archos line of Internet Tablets featuring Android (the 28/32/43/70/101)”

    Archos 5 Internet Tablet is missing in the “line of Internet Tablets”, must be “outdated”.

    Seems like there won’t be an official Android update in the near future for that device.

    What a pity, a little bit older than 1 year, price was between 300 and 400 € and now they don’t care about it anymore….

    There is an alpha-version of froyo, but it is compiled only by community members due to the lack of official Archos-support!!

    take a look at in the open development section, if you’re interested

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