Skyfire for Android Getting Updated to 3.0, Adds Unique Facebook Integration


Skyfire has announced version 3.0 of their browser for Android which knocks the social socks right off you: this thing comes packed with Facebook integration to make browsing more meaningful for you. For starters, every page you visit within Skyfire can be “liked” with a built-in “Like” button. Upon liking a page, that activity will be posted on your Facebook account for your friends to see what you’ve been browsing.

Another cool feature is “Popular Content” which will search the entire Facebook network for the most popular content on whatever site you happen to be visiting. For instance, visiting the New York Times and accessing the Popular Content feature will show you a list of the most popular pages. Your friends’ activity on that particular site appears at the top so you can easily find out what people close to you are looking at.

Fireplace is another socially-driven content exploration feature, except it brings back all of the webpage links from your Facebook timeline and displays them in top-to-bottom RSS fashion. Finally, their new search features have gotten a nice overhaul as you’ll be able to go beyond the barriers that Google (or whoever your default provider is) sets. If you want to see what your friends and other Facebook users are saying about what you’re searching for, just tap the Facebook button and those results come up right away. You’ll be able to do the same for videos from VideoSurf, Diggs, Tweets from Twitter, and you’ll be able to look it up on Amazon all with just a couple of clicks from the search bar.

It’s not in the market yet, but they promise Skyfire 3.0 will be there very soon, and I’m personally excited to try it out once it’s finally available. Take a look at the video above for a detailed overview of the latest features.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. It looks really good and full of good options. I like it now lets see how much memory this thing needs and if I can add it to my SD card. So far I like it.

  2. I understand the why, but I hate the direction Skyfire is taking. I don’t care, or give a hoot about what’s popular on Facebook, any more than I care about any reality show. I just want a browser that is fast, and can handle video like a champ. If Skyfire can still do that, or do it better, I’ll download it, otherwise, I’ll stick w/ stock.

  3. Can’t find the 3.0 download. Only the 2.3 beta. Samsung Vibrant w/ Froyo

  4. I agree with Larry.

  5. Call me bitter, but Facebook being everywhere is starting to tick me off. As long as I have options to turn it off, or other options without it, I’m fine. But it keeps looking like Facebook is going to be in the way more and more going forward…

  6. It clearly states in the article that it IS NOT AVAILABLE IN THE MARKET YET. I can’t wait for the update, I love Skyfire. Best browser on the market today.

  7. Glad to see a company taking full advantage of the many mobile api’s google put out (and all the new facebook api’s) hopefully others follow suite.

  8. So now I can see what porn videos my Facebook friends are watching.

  9. …and is instantly uninstalled. Bye Skyfire..

  10. I went to the market and 3.0 is there (and now installed) on my Droid X.

  11. I think it’s “instant” hilarity that what passes muster as an insult nowadays is “uninstalled!” hahaha. Is that supposed to hurt the dev’s feelings? That’s equivalent to calling somebody a noob and not saying why. It sounds suspiciously like ragequitting to me.

    Just sayin’.

  12. So… I’ve already got a Facebook app… why do I need that functionality repeated? How about fast forward and rewind on the damn flash videos. THAT would be nice.

  13. It IS in the market. go to the area that has the various browsers and go the the “NEW” tab. It was the first selection. I got it at 3:30 central time.

  14. I can’t install it. Ever time I try to install it, my whole market forecloses!

  15. I installed then uninstalled, the bad outweighed to good.

  16. /sigh… agree with Larry. I’m getting sick of Facebook.

  17. Why do i care or why would someone care where ive been browsing?

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