All Droid Phones Priced at a Penny on Amazon



We’ve seen Amazon do their penny phone deals numerous times before, but this offering might just take the cake. All of Verizon’s currently available handsets bearing the Droid name are currently up for a mere one cent on new two-year contracts. One cent. $0.01. A penny. A measly copper portrait of Abraham Lincoln. That will get you your choice of the HTC Droid Incredible, Motorola Droid X, Motorola Droid 2, or Motorola Droid Pro. Jump on this one now!

[via Gizmodo]

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  1. Oh, if only I could upgrade at that price… and seven months early.

  2. Is it me, or is the Droid 2 Global not listed on there? That’s the phone I’m waiting for a decent price for.

  3. Yeah, the Droid 2 Global is listed as an “online exclusive” on Verizon’s website. You can’t even get it in a Verizon store.

  4. Aww man, it’s no good for upgrades. Guess I’ll just do the 100 dollar gift card deal at WalMart and get a Droid X.

  5. Dont bother with the Droid pro. its backlogged at amazon. but it is going for $50 on though

  6. All the Moto products suck. If I paid 1 cent for one, I would be overpaying. I do love the Incredible though, that phone rocks!!

  7. 2-year contracts are insane. Never again will I get one.

  8. They have been free on wirefly for like a month… I dont get why that never gets mentioned. I am not a spammer nor paid to advertise this. Its just fact.

  9. They are not all $.01, just the HTC Incredible – it says “starting at $.01” if you read carefully. I just ordered the Droid X and it was $49.99 which is still a much better deal than the $169.99 Verizon is asking for with the New in 2 discount factored in.

  10. Ah, figured it out. Only $.01 if you are a new customer. If you are a faithful renewing customer you get screwed as always and have to pay at least $49.99.

  11. all i know is i wont be renewing my contract w vzn. As good as the service is I feel like i am paying a LOT of money. I will wait till my contract ends and a decent phone comes out for Tmo. I another 2.5 years i consider going back if i can get a deal like that.

  12. This had me very interested. My plan is to not wait for LTE and bite a good deal on a current gen 3G phone. I would go for the DInc. at $.01 for sure and deal with the battery issues and aging CPU.

    I did notice that a Fascinate seems to be $30 ($20 less than the DInc.) and it has me intrigued. Love that screen, hate the Bing (fixable) but the lag on the Froyo has me wondering if it would ever get Gingerbread. Is someone that gets a Fascinate just setting themselves up for always being behind on the OS and ROM selection?

  13. Check out the site further, there are lots of good deals even on upgrades. The Samsung Capitivate on AT&T is also only a penny even for contract extensions.

  14. These kind of offers aren’t strange in Holland. My favourite price comparision site displays a free from x euro/month next to the unsubsidized price. I can even get an iPhone 4(not like I wanted to) for free with a 100 euro/month contract.

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