MyTouch 4G Source Code Released


Earlier this month, HTC released source code for most of their newer phones as they’re required to, but mum was the word on the MyTouch 4G. Now, it’s also gotten its lines of code uploaded to the internet for all to download, see, share, and enjoy. If you fit the bill for the type of people who would want this stuff (I call them “developers”), then go ahead and download them now from HTC’s site. [via AC]


Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Yes, you are first. Do you know what you win? A snivelling comment about you being first. Congratulations.

  2. your such a geek ;)

  3. You know what I’d like? If the initial post in each topic would be automatically emailed to the admins for review, and if they only included the content “First!” then the IP address would be banned.

  4. Great! Now we can look forward to some Vanilla Rom goodness. I loathe Sense.

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