StumbleUpon Helped Users Stumble Upon 1 Million Apps with Recommendation Feature


Not too long ago (about two weeks), StumbleUpon released an update for their Android application that would add app discovery alongside the already-popular web content discovery that the service is primarily known for. Since then, over 1 million apps have been stumbled upon by users of the app. They’ve also let it be known that their download numbers have doubled since introducing the feature.


If you know the Android market, you know that there are a loooooot of crappy apps shadowing a nice selection of great ones, so it’s no surprise to learn that users want a better way to find new apps. Another interesting stat they’ve thrown out is that – of all the stumbles taking place in the Android app – 1 quarter of them are for Android apps. Success is always fun! For kicks, here are the top 5 applications discovered through StumbleUpon:

– Angry Birds
– Camera 360
– Google Sky Map
– Gmote 2.0
– Alchemy

If you haven’t checked it out today and are dying for a new way to find new apps, then give StumbleUpon a shot by scanning or touching the QR code below, or by searching for “StumbleUpon” in the Android market. [via TC]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Haven’t tried this one so I am going to give it a look see. AppBrain is good but seems to keep itself running after I use it resulting in a lot of battery drain.

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