Dell to Begin Selling Unlocked Streak with Froyo Pre-Installed in the US



If you held off on the Dell Streak when it came to the US via AT&T, you made a good call. That is, if you don’t mind plopping down the full price for one of the tablet/phones unlocked. While users who purchased the Streak through AT&T will have to wait a bit longer to get Froyo piped down to their device, Dell will begin selling the device unlocked and with Android 2.2 on-board through their website.

No exact details are available for pricing and exact availability (so there is still a chance for the next installment of Android to come to those already deployed units first), but expect it sometime in the next few weeks.

[via StreakSmart]

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  1. I pretty much say that any android “phone” that has its home and back buttons in landscape orientation, is a tablet with calling.
    That said, my girlfriend would want a bigger tablet, and I would want a slightly smaller phone. Wheres that darn Thunder or Venue Pro android edition.

  2. SECOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Willing to bet money we don’t see the unlocked Streak on dell.ca, the Canadian Dell website.

  4. They can unlock it all they want, but it better have a different 3G radio in it.

  5. Wow dude… welcome to the past, have we met?
    So tired of these articles that come out after the fact regurgitating information that’s been on the web and thus WORLD WIDE INFO for hours or days already.

    Try and catch up, and tell us something that is new… hence the word “news”.

  6. LOL @ Steve.
    Pfft… I’ve been using a beta Streak on T-Mobile for about three months now. Best phone I’ve ever had. Now add Froyo, and TMO’s 3G into the mix…. anyone wanna buy a beta Streak in a ‘few weeks’!?? lol

  7. Didn’t Dell say that this won’t work with T-Mobile 3g? So what’s the point of wanting one unlocked if that’s essentially the only other big time GSM carrier?

  8. If you want T-MOBILE 3g or even their “4g” service unfortunately you have to buy one of their phones. You can unlock as many GSM phones you want. If it’s radio isnt the same transmit and receive frequencies as T-Mobile’s your out of luck accessing their 3g network. As Smokexz said, what’s the use of selling an unlocked phone (made for ATT) if it cant take advantage of the 3g service you probably are already paying for?…would you really want to pay 3g prices for EDGE service??

  9. Well if they are gonna offer unlocked streak then i think it will support At&t and Tmobile’s 3g Network. Or maybe tmobile’s 3g only….
    I have at&t Streak and can’t wait for android 2.2

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