Dell Enters India with a Pair of Under-Performing Android Devices


Dell’s not completely dumped Android following their commitment to Windows Phone 7, thankfully. (Not that we expected them to, but out of all of the launch partners for the OS, Dell seemed more likely to ditch Android than anyone.) They’re targeting the booming low-end market in India with a pair of new Android-based handsets. The XDC28 and the XDC35 both run Android 2.1, but the difference is in the model number: the XDC28 will be a smaller 2.8-inch handset, while the XDC35 has a – you guessed it –  3.5-inch display. (No resolutions have been mentioned for either phone.)


You’ll get 200MB of internal storage to start with, but that can be easily expanded to 16GB with the use of microSD cards. Everything else (that we know) is business as usual for a low-end smartphone. (It even appears to be running stock Android! Why that surprises me, I don’t know.) The XCD28 and the XCD35 will sell for 10,990 rupees and 16,990 rupees respectively. [via Android Community]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Those phones are rebranded ZTE phones.
    XCD28=ZTE Racer, XCD35=ZTE BLade.
    Now Blade is in no way an under-perfoming phone for the price.
    Sure sold under Dell brand in India, it costs more than ZTE Blade in Europe.
    Still save the very bad camera, Blade is quite decent phone for its price with its WVGA Amoled display, 600MHz MSM7227 CPU and 512MB RAM.

  2. I don’t see a problem with this as long as the price is right. Nokia is selling millions of low end phones because there is a market for them. There is also a market for low end Android phones, and for manufacturers to target that market is business smart.

  3. nice try, but india is a strange place. even with so many android phones in the market ppl still blindly buy the N8. good luck dell.

  4. Shocked to see Dell re-branding ZTE devices. In the UK, you can buy the San francisco Orange aka ZTE Blade for £99 on payg, VERY cheap. Guess they will be on contracts? The Blade is a fanyastic phone, apart from sound and back cover. It has a glass screen that rivals I feel that on HTC Desire. I hope to retail them in the UK, but on payg. But Dell, have you lost your reason? I associate dell with high-end products, maybe Dell’s product range is small in the phone section, well go and design some more YOURSELVES please!

  5. Well ! Cant comment on what others think byt my cell XCD35 is working excellently. Absolutely no problems.

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