Cyanogen: 6.1 on T-Mobile G2 = DONE


Cyanogen is known to be a fast worker, and just days after the T-Mobile G2 received its permanent root, he’s updated everyone on the status of a stable implementation of Cyanogen Mod 6.1 for the device. His words? CM6.1 on G2 Status: DONE. There are still some final touches Cyanogen has to apply before unleashing the beast, but we’re sure that won’t take long at all. Be on the lookout for a launch announcement on the very same Twitter account he posted this delightful piece of news to.


Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. He continues to amaze. Well done, sir….well done.

  2. When will it be available for the G3?

    (My premonition of the chorus of morons who will immediately ask this question or similar ones on his forums).

  3. G3? Lol

  4. Well it’s great to see that someone is using proper grammar.

  5. how long till MT4G?

  6. Mt4g please

  7. A.B. Dada: Circle takes the square.

  8. People who keep asking “when are you going to support my phone” to cyanogen will eventually make him hate the community and stop working. Let’s applaud Cyanogen for his work, and appreciate the fact that he’s doing it all for free, instead of acting like total asses and treat him as if he was your slave.

  9. What the heck The Galaxy S is still unfinished barely working :(

  10. Still waiting for 6.1 for my Dinc. I hope it is soon. Cyanogen FTW

  11. there is still no cyanogenmod for the vibrant or any other galaxy s phones, damn it

  12. womp womp. too stupid to figure out how to do it on the vibrant so he skips it. its cool tho. the underdog TeamWhiskey took care of that.

  13. Cyanogen has been incredibly fast to port this to the Z! Looking forward to flashing it.

    For those asking why CM isn’t on a particular device, such as the Galaxy S/Vibrant for example, it is due to the different approaches that companies take to making handsets. The Desire Z/G2 is similar to other HTC phones releeased lately and that is a big factor. In Samsung’s case, they messed up the filesystem and general implementation of the software, making the CM team’s job much harder.

  14. Won´t work on nexus one 2.2.1 :(

  15. Sorry, wrong firefox-tab, previous comment was ment for the z4root :p

  16. @Aeok18109 blame wes lol. Wes Garner was/is supposed to be working on it for the vibrant, not Cyan.

  17. Forget the Galaxy S, just wait for the Nexus S to come out with Gingerbread. I have no idea what Cyanogen are doing with Galaxy S, they seem to have different teams working on the different versions, but I don’t know if they’re collaborating or not.

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