Verizon’s FlexView Brings FiOS TV Content to Your Verizon Android Device


If you’re a FiOS TV customer and you’ve been wanting a better mobile experience out of Verizon, then you’re in luck. They’ve recently announced FlexView Video On Demand for FiOS subscribers and is offering the free application to owners of select smartphone owners. (Droid 2 and  X currently, but the Galaxy Tab and Droid Incredible are said to be getting the app a bit later on.)


FlexView will let you rent movies, and eventually TV shows, for $2.99 – $4.99, with purchases ranging from $9.99 – $19.99. There are also plans to bring live broadcasts later on down the road. Verizon doesn’t seem to account for those on FiOS who may not have their wireless phone service, unfortunately.

We’ll keep our fingers crossed that that issue is eventually remedied. Then again, I’m still waiting for the opportunity to get FiOS service, as are millions of other Americans. Anywho, go download it now if this is something that you’ve been looking for.

[Verizon via Androinica]

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  1. It’s great that this stuff is becoming available, but I think that price for purchase is a little steep. It’s an incredibly unflexible format, and up to $20 seems a bit steep for something, even on the Tab, that’s not even 720p.

  2. or you can just buy slingbox and get all of your FIOS cable content for free on your phone.

  3. They need to hurry up and get this to work on non-verizon phones…

  4. I would really like to watch my DVR content on my phone

  5. I can’t get fios. I live close enough to see the box out my window, but it is unavailable to me. A guy two miles away gets it though.

  6. I have Fios and Droid X. I’d like to get this but link is broken. Redirects to the existing Fios DVR management software.

  7. @Anthony

    I’m with you on that

  8. Ditto for Boriqua on the SLing Box comment. You all should suck it up and Pony out the 170 for the Sling Solo and 30 for the Droid app and then enjoy all of your dvr content, live content, and non dvr watchable programed shows. Really, its beyond worth it. I enjoyed watching a football game while sitting at a Cafe in Spain last saturday night on my X w/ my Slingbox.

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