Nexus S Goes on Display November 14 at Best Buy?



When it rains it pours, and Nexus S information is storming in harder than Katrina hit New Orleans. Too soon? The latest leak comes from Best Buy internal and concerns upcoming holiday floorplans and showcases, and wouldn’t you know it looks like the Nexus S is getting a nice table endcap display slated for November 14th. Last time we checked, that is next week, yet we haven’t heard of an official announcement or planned launch event. It could be that the device gets pushed back a few days, or it could be that Google and Samsung aren’t going to make a big to do out of launching this handset. Considering Gingerbread should be on board, we see no reason why the latter would be true. Still, stranger things have happened.

[via AndroidCommunity]

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  1. hmmmmm, this is fun !

  2. Do its real?

  3. Still waiting for specs…nothing else matters

  4. “NOTE: (Table Endcap [?] is planned for the Nexus S on the 11/14 planogram, which will be a Live Mock….someday)”

    Ahahahaha. “Someday.” Made my day to see this in a professional world.

  5. yeah I really hope this isnt just a galaxy s with stock android. I would really like this phone to be a bit updated… otherwise why didnt I just buy a G2?

  6. I really hope it is unbranded like the Nexus One


  8. They really dropped the ball here by using Samsung. I will just keep my Nexus One until they do a Nexus II. But If they use Samsung, I will just get some else.. I’m highly disappointed

  9. 14th is sunday. That’s not normal for product release is it?

  10. So glad this is Samsung. They have far and away the best hardware, they just have crappy software but this fixes that. Could be perfect if its got a high Res display, otherwise its just a nexus one or a vibrant.

  11. Samsung haters are retarded.

  12. ^ You’re retarded. Samsung phones are for teenage girls/faggots. HTC or bust.

  13. Maybe google didn’t like the direction htc was taking in attempting to lock their devices down. Or maybe it’s the natural evolution of android itself. For the N1 they went with HTC, who builds solid all around phones to showcase their new UI (at the time) and to put other manufacturers on notice as to what they expect. Well they took notice, moto has it’s droids, htc has a slew of devices and even samsung got into it. But now they may want to focus on pushing the visual and gaming aspects of android along. Say what you want about Sammy but they have the best screens of all android phones and their processor and GPU is better as well. If google had any say in the hardware and did the testing I won’t be worried at all.

  14. HTC phones are for people that don’t mind their hardware breaking in 6 different ways within the first week of owning it

    See Nexus One for details

  15. My N1 is incredibly solid and has perhaps the best feel in hand of any phone I’ve owned.

    This does not look like any of the above. If the specs are ‘wow’ worthy I may get it, but thus far I’m sticking with the uno.

  16. Awesome

  17. cmon guys lets not fight, both are great companies. I love my Samsung SGS. And I had the G1 and it was one tough phone. I’m glad its Sammy tho!

  18. I have a google n1 and I will get a nS and I will laugh at everyone else still complaining about updates and why certain apps dont work on their phones. The nexus one and now the nexus S are the android dev phones. Meaning the vast majority of android apps are designed on them and for them specifically. If you are truly all about android you would be stupid NOT to get this phone. Sure dual core processors are coming out but those phones will be stuck on 2.2 and if youre lucky 2.3 while the Nexi are all the way on 3.0. Sure you’ll have a bitchin dual core 4g moto but dont complain about why this app or that app doesnt work on your specific phone- I see it all the time in the market comments. Bottom line Google chose sammy cuz they currently pocess the BEST phone tech. Bottom line The Nexus series IS android “pure google” everything else is carriers and manufacturers raping you. Nexus pwns all

  19. ROLF! laugh all you want but the force of your opinion makes your post makes you sound like a 12 year old fanboy.

  20. wishing for a qwerty keyboard…

  21. @JD

    Right on man!

  22. ou guys are idiots if you think Samsung sucks and your idiots if you think htc sucks there both good company im happy that they choose one of them. htc has a great shape and Samsung has awesome specs and btw i heard it will be a 1.2 ghz and a has a front facing camera, htc is great and so is samsung id buy there htc desire hd or galaxy if i had the money

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