LG Optimus GT540 Gets Android 2.1


LG’s finally gone ahead and released the upgrade to Android 2.1 for owners of the LG Optimus GT540. We aren’t too confident that many people (at least you Phandroid dwellers) have this phone, but if you’re one of the few who’ve picked this up and have been waiting to be stepped up to 2.1, you can finally let out that sigh of relief. Head on over to LG’s support site for instructions on how to get Eclair loaded up onto your device. [via EuroDroid]


Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Hey why arent you “confident” ? This phone is pretty sweet for its price. I ve had it for about 4 months and apart from a couple of problems its great. Also the update has been out for quite some time. About one to two months now depending where you live.

  2. Yaa, i agree
    Sweet phone for it’s price….if upgraded to 2.1 i’m sure it’ll be the best android phone on market

  3. This phone is absolutley brilliant, especially given it’s price tag. Not everyone can afford a contract, an iPhone, or the very latest in mobile phone wizardry, so bearing that in mind, this phone is excellent, and great for those on a tight budget, but wanting a bit of ‘hi tech gadge’ with Android market offering lots of tricks up it’s sleeve. A nice responsive screen, excellent set up, and the handset itself is sleek and stylish. I cannot fault a single thing about this phone. Even had people with an iphone slightly jealous at the amount of phone you get for the money. Ha!!! I previously had a Nokia 5800, probably a more popular phone, but nowhere near close in comparison. The nokia lacked Charisma, something the LG Optimus has plenty of!

    So with regards to your comment ‘We aren’t too confident that many people (at least you Phandroid dwellers) have this phone’, think again. I’m sure more people love this phone than you think, and to disregard it in such a way is clearly unfair. Shame on you Quentyn Kennemer for being so dismissive!

    A great phone, at an affordable price for those a little more money conscious, and should be even better with the news of the Android 2.1 update.

    Well done LG!!!!

  4. Just upgraded my optimus/swift with the 2.1 OS and believe me its worth it :-) basically my fone is more fluid. Thanks LG 10/10

  5. I’ve had problems upgrading and got onto LG. They told me there were problems they are working on but that if I wanted to try I would have to send the phone back to them if the upgrade didn’t work. Does anybody know anything about this?


  6. in the lg optimus gt540 i have dictionary but i did mistake i have deleted files of the dictionary in the sd card what we do for it and how we get again.

  7. is pink colour available in india………????

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