Doodle Jump Gets Updated and Goes on Sale Until Nov. 17



Doodle Jump – one of the most popular and addictive games in the Android market to date – has gone on sale until November 17th for only $.99. (Normally, it’ll set you back $3.49.) Aside from a nice temporary price drop, you’ll get four new themes – Jungle, Space, Night, and Christmas – and the usual round of bug fixes and performance enhancements that you’d expect. Doodle Jump is one of those games that just never gets old, so don’t hesitate to give it a shot (and remember that you have 24 hours to get your 99 pennies back.)

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. This is a type of game I’ve always found mildly amusing, but never more than that. It’s a nice concept that you can control it by tilting the phone, but not really that comfortable – more a proof of concept sort of thing to me. I found Hyper Jump in this genre to be the most exciting, but still somewhat… Lacking in input abilities.

  2. This is certainly a step into the correct direction. But unfortunately the iOS version is still so much better. Very sad. Why e.g. can I not brag about my score on Facebook and/or Twitter? Why is this always an iOS exclusive feature in many multiple platform titles?

  3. Agreed. I hate having to tilt my phone to play a game – what that ends up doing is changing my view of the game and just makes it a PITA (I feel the same about racing games that use the accel. for steering – it’s stupid, you are changing the rotation of the screen just to steer)


  4. Addictive game, glad to see it at a reasonable price finally.

  5. This should be the everyday price. Charging 3.5 times more for the Android version really soured me on that developer.

  6. The company behind the Android version is different to the one behind the iPhone version, this company is basically got the license to sell a version of the game for Android users. Different people work for this game hence why it could explain it’s lacking. Wither it’s a different division of company altogether you can obviously tell.

  7. Bought it again after getting the last bad version refunded. This one is slow and jittery as well- and you can’t get refunds twice. Grrrr!

  8. when i first bought the app it didnt work atall the screen just flashed and recently an update came avalible and the app now works but it is quite glitchy and there are no extras like rockets or anything only springs.

    any help ?

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